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TorilMUD is the most recent incarnation of the venerable Sojourn family of MUDs. Started in 1993, Sojourn has been home to thousands of players throughout the years and features a huge amount of content.

Massive world

Toril is set in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting and features over 325 areas to explore. Journey from the elven isle of Evermeet to the bustling metropolis of Baldur's Gate and up the Sword Coast to Waterdeep and Silverymoon. The outer planes await as well, featuring such exotic locales as Jotunheim, Muspelheim and even the lair of Tiamat herself.

15 playable races

A variety of races both good and evil await you on TorilMUD. Play as a wild Barbarian of the north, a surly Dwarf from Mithril Hall or a proud Moon Elf. The evil races have their share of options too, from the cunning drow elves of Menzoberranzen to the fearsome mind flayers of the Underdark.

17 classes

A wide array of classes await you on TorilMUD, and include several options each from the Fighter, Priest, Rogue and Mage archetypes. Blast your enemies with a powerful Invoker, or deceive them with a tricky Illusionist. Assassinate your foes with a cunning Rogue, or attack them with brute force with a sturdy Warrior. More exotic classes such as the Orcish Dire Raiders and Illithid Psionicists are also avilable for those looking for a unique challenge.

How to play

TorilMUD can be played on either a standard telnet application or through a specialized MUD client. Try clicking the Play now link above to get started. If that doesn't work it means you do not have a telnet client installed and you'll need to download one of the clients listed below. You can also type the following at a command line in a Mac or Linux environment.

$ telnet 9999