TorilMUD is a big place. It can be hard to find your way around in the more than 325 zones and 60,000 rooms that make »

New Name System

Names are important on Toril. Our players have a great collection of original fantasy names that they've been working on for the better part of two »

NPC Ranks

This time, the NPCs are getting an upgrade. In today's update, we've added a set of NPC ranks that area makers can apply to increase the »

Warrior Upgrades

It's class upgrade time again on TorilMUD. This time, the focus is on one of Toril's mainstay classes: Warriors. After Paladins and Blackguards, Warriors are the »


It's time for the third major class overhaul for TorilMUD: Anti-Paladins. This time, we've rolled all the changes for the class into one giant update. First »

Paladin Upgrades: Phase 1

Today we're happy to announce the second major class overhaul for TorilMUD: Paladins. Paladins are a tank class, and this update is all about making them »