Patch Notes: 10/17/2019

Today's patch has a heavy emphasis on bug fixes from GitHub and quality of life issues. Most of these fixes were possible due to the community's »

Patch Notes: 9/27/2019

Today's patch features adjustments to a few zones as well as some power and item fixes, including the long awaited fix for unarmed resists on items. »

Patch notes: Hexblades

This release transforms the Dire Raider class into the Hexblade class, along with some racial updates to Orcs. For more information on Hexblades, check out the »

Hexblades: Spells

Today's Hexblade update will focus on their spell list. To discuss this post with the community, please join us on the on the #hexblade Discord channel. »

Introducing Hexblades

In the latest class upgrade for Toril, Dire Raiders have been completely reworked into the all-new Hexblade class. This is a sneak peek at the upcoming »

The Temple of Baphomet Returns

The brutal Temple of Baphomet zone has undergone extensive renovations and is now ready again for your raiding pleasure. Baphomet, the Prince of Beasts, is a »

The Screaming Hawks Want YOU!!

Are YOU tired of that tyrant, the so called "Lord" Piergeiron? Owe money to that underhanded cutthroat Kang?! Did Waterdeep do YOU wrong and you want »

New Epic Zone: Bahamut

For many years, Tiamat, the Queen of Evil Dragons, has reigned supreme as the pinnacle of epic foes on TorilMUD. Today, a new challenger approaches. The »