New Zone: Westgate

Westgate is a notorious metropolis, deeply entrenched in piracy, crime syndicates, and powerful vampiric lords. It flourishes on illicit trade and rampant corruption, and is widely »

Patch Notes: A Diverse Assortment

Greetings, brave adventurers of the realm! Prepare yourselves for a mystifying mix of magical modifications, a diverse assortment of enhancements designed to elevate your journey in »

Patch Notes: Sorcerers

This release reintroduces the Sorcerer class, a new damage dealing magic-user. Features Sorcerers: The Sorcerer class has returned, with Draconic and Wild Magic subclasses. Subclasses: Subclasses »

Sorcerers: Wild Magic

In the first post about this new class, I noted that Sorcerers can become imbued with magic for many reasons. Being born of a draconic bloodline »

Sorcerers: A Change of Plans

Last Sunday, I announced the re-introduction of the Sorcerer class, and the retiring of the Invoker class. However, after a lot of consideration and listening to »

Sorcerers Return

After 25 years, Sorcerers are returning to Toril. A long time ago, Invokers and Enchanters were a single class known as Sorcerers. Now, Invokers will become »

Patch Notes 2/25/2023

This update contains an assortment of bug fixes and minor enhancements. See below for details. Much of this work was accomplished by players filing bug reports »