Whispers of a Hellborne Blade

Greetings, adventurers. Let’s dive into the latest treasures awaiting you in Toril. A Hellborne Weapon A new, powerful, weapon exclusively for Hellborne Hexblades has been »

Sorcerer Update

Hello, Adventurers of Toril! I'm pleased to announce an update to the Sorcerer class to refine gameplay and enhance balance. This updates are for both the »

Patch Notes: Hellborne Redux

Greetings, fellow adventurers! In the shadowy depths of Toril, the Hellborne subclass of Hexblades was summoned into existence just over a month ago. The response was »

Patch Notes: Feymist Rising

This patch contains some fixes and updates for Feytouched Hexblades. The focus is largely on improving the spreading mechanic with Feymist, to prevent having to re-apply »

Patch Notes: Feytouched Revisited

Greetings, adventurers of Toril! We've heard your rallying cries echoing through the enchanted forests and resonating within the ancient, fey halls. We know the Feytouched - »

Patch Notes: Zoning and Hexing

This patch contains some minor fixes for Westgate, a balancing pass on Crypt of Dragons, and some small tweaks for Hellborne and Voidcaller Hexblades. Classes Hexblade: »