Archery Updates: Arrows

Earlier this week we introduced a brand new archery system, and we're now in the process of gathering feedback and making changes to improve it.

Today's update is all about arrows. The aim behind these changes is to make ammunition more interesting to use while removing the frustrating parts. Here's what's new:

  • Arrow Enchantments: Arrows can now be enchanted with weapon enchantments. This means we can now have flaming arrows, vampiric arrows, bane arrows, etc. Bows can also have enchantments, and each missile attack will use any enchantments on the bow as well as the ammunition.

  • Arrow Upgrades: Moving the damage dice from arrows to the bows caused some existing top-tier arrows to feel a little underpowered. To address this, we've added enchantments to all of the best arrows. This adds extra damage to those arrows (and a little style), which once again makes them the best arrows in the game. See the full list below.

  • Ammo Command: To make managing all of your fancy new arrows easier, there's a new command called ammo. This can be used to select exacly which arrows to fire from your quiver. You can choose between firing only standard arrows, all arrows, a specific arrow, or even all arrows with a certain enchantment. Check out the help file for instructions.

  • Auto-Collect: To reduce ammo-related busywork, you'll now automatically collect ammo whenever a mob dies in the room you're in. You'll see that it happened if you had any ammo to collect. If there was a problem - like your quiver being full - you'll see a message alerting you.

  • Little things: Mobs won't scavenge your arrows anymore. They also won't sink or burn up anymore.

Upgraded arrows

The following arrows received weapon enchantments:

  • a mithril tipped arrow fletched with vrock feathers
  • an arrow of the star void
  • a shimmering arrow of ethereal fabric
  • a sandstorm arrow
  • a beast hunter arrow
  • an enchanted dark-flaming arrow
  • a brilliant rune-encrusted arrow
  • a black arrow with orcish runes
Up next

We'll keep working on archery until we get it right. Thanks for your feedback, and please keep it coming.


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