Patch Notes: 10/17/2019

Today's patch has a heavy emphasis on bug fixes from GitHub and quality of life issues. Most of these fixes were possible due to the community's »

Patch Notes: 9/27/2019

Today's patch features adjustments to a few zones as well as some power and item fixes, including the long awaited fix for unarmed resists on items. »

Patch notes: Hexblades

This release transforms the Dire Raider class into the Hexblade class, along with some racial updates to Orcs. For more information on Hexblades, check out the »

Hexblades: Spells

Today's Hexblade update will focus on their spell list. To discuss this post with the community, please join us on the on the #hexblade Discord channel. »

Introducing Hexblades

In the latest class upgrade for Toril, Dire Raiders have been completely reworked into the all-new Hexblade class. This is a sneak peek at the upcoming »

The Temple of Baphomet Returns

The brutal Temple of Baphomet zone has undergone extensive renovations and is now ready again for your raiding pleasure. Baphomet, the Prince of Beasts, is a »

New Epic Zone: Bahamut

For many years, Tiamat, the Queen of Evil Dragons, has reigned supreme as the pinnacle of epic foes on TorilMUD. Today, a new challenger approaches. The »


TorilMUD is a big place. It can be hard to find your way around in the more than 325 zones and 60,000 rooms that make »