Paladin Upgrades: Phase 1

Today we're happy to announce the second major class overhaul for TorilMUD: Paladins. Paladins are a tank class, and this update is all about making them »

Ranger Upgrades, Phase 3: Spells

The third phase of our ongoing Ranger updates goes live today. After overhauling their melee powers and introducing a new archery system, the logical next step »

Archery Updates: Arrows

Earlier this week we introduced a brand new archery system, and we're now in the process of gathering feedback and making changes to improve it. Today's »

Ranger Upgrades

It's been a long time since the last major class revision in TorilMUD. Since that time, we've added a lot of systems and a lot of »

More Power Fixes

Another round of power fixes have gone in. All of these issues were reported on our GitHub issues site. Thanks again to everyone who contributed these »

Minor Fixes

Today's update fixes a handful of power issues. All of these issues were reported on the GitHub issues site. Thanks to everyone who contributed! Fugue is »

Spell Retirement: Wave 2

The first wave of legacy spell removals went off very well and it's time to start turning down some more. This next wave consists of several »