It's time for the third major class overhaul for TorilMUD: Anti-Paladins. This time, we've rolled all the changes for the class into one giant update.

First off, Anti-Paladins have had their class name changed to Blackguard. The reason for this is simple: Blackguards are too similar to Paladins for the term "Anti-Paladin" to make sense. Much like their good-aligned counterparts, Blackguards are holy warriors. The key difference is that they serve evil deities, and use their power to sow death and destruction.

Blackguards are a tanking class and this update is all about making them viable frontline tanks. Their gameplay mechanics are very similar to Paladins, with some key differences.

  • Class name change: Anti-Paladins are now Blackguards.
  • Blackguard races: The Blackguard class has been opened up to the Drow and Duergar races.
  • New one handed weapon and shield power set for Blackguards: See below for details.
  • New two-handed weapon power set for Blackguards: See below for details.
  • Blackguard spells: Blackguards are now spontaneous casters and have a revamped spell list composed of 12 brand new spells spread across 5 circles.
  • Great Weapon Defense: Blackguards receive this reflexive power which grants an extra parry attempt when wielding a two-handed weapon.
  • Fearsome Presence: This new reflexive power increases all threat generated by the Blackguard.
  • Dread Smite: A new Blackguard offensive power with high damage and a long recharge.
  • Soul Touch: Replacing the old lifetap ability, this vampiric heal can be used to heal up to 110% of the Blackguard's health.
  • Taunts: Blackguards receive two new taunt powers - Ferocious Rebuke and Baleful Challenge.
  • Old skills: Blackguards have lost access to some old skills that are no longer needed, including: bash, kick, hitall, mounted combat, and several spellcast skills.
Melee Powers

Blackguards have two main weapon power sets: one-handed weapon with a shield (sword & board), and two-handed weapons. The two sets are designed to allow the Blackguard flexibility, with the shield set granting greater survivability and the two-handed set allowing for more area damage and control.

Sword & Board Powers
  • Plundering Smite: Strike your target and vampiric heal from them, up to 120% of maximum health.
  • Dominating Smite: Attack your target with a barrage of powerful attacks that drive them to the ground.
  • Dark Majesty: Conjure a shadowy armor to protect yourself from melee attacks while striking your target.
  • Ruinous Smite: A brutal strike that leaves your target weakened for a short time.
  • Frenzying Smite: In a fit of bloodlust, strike out in rage at a large radius of your foes.
Two-handed Weapon Powers
  • Vengeance Strike: Strike out at a small radius of enemies with a strong attack.
  • Shattering Smite: Knock your enemy to the ground in an explosion of dark energies.
  • Mortal Dread: Inflict heave damage on your enemy and leave them shuddering in fear.
  • Spirit Harrow: Your weapon becomes ghostly as you strike out at a small radius of enemies, leaving them stunned.
  • Uncontrolled Fury: The embodiment of rage overtakes you as you strike madly at a large radius of enemies for massive damage.

The Blackguard spell list is composed of all new spells that focus on survivability and increased threat generation. All spells are self-only unless otherwise noted and are instant cast.

1st Circle
  • Dark Blessing: Increases hitroll and spells saves.
  • Umbral Armor: Bonus to the caster's armor class.
2nd Circle
  • Aspect of Domination: Increases the threat generated by the caster.
  • Shadow Healing: Heals the caster.
3rd Circle
  • Consumption: Removes harmful conditions on the caster.
  • Corrupt Weapon: Enchants the caster's weapon with unholy power, dealing extra damage on each attack.
  • Sigil of Pain: Deals damage to the target and increases the amount of healing gained from them when attacking with a vampiric heal power.
4th Circle
  • Shroud of Shadow: Gives the caster 100% resistance to all damage types for a limited time.
  • Dark Grace: Cast on an ally, this spell creates a shield that redirects 50% of incoming damage to that ally back at the caster.
  • Scourge of Agony: Single target damage using the negative energy damage type.
5th Circle
  • Aura of Death: Imbues the caster with powerful death magic, granting them a small amount of vampiric healing from every melee attack that they land, up to 133% of their maximum hit points.
  • Ravenous Shadows: Area affect damage with a chance to slow all of the enemies in the radius.

Up Next

This is a big update. Though the entire Blackguard class is being introduced at once, it is still a work in progress. In the coming weeks, you can expect tweaking to the Blackguard class, as well as to the other classes that have been updated.

As always, your feedback is very important. Please report bugs to GitHub and feedback via email, forums, or on the MUD. Finally, thanks to everyone who continues to play TorilMUD.

Happy (dread) smiting!


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