Hexblades: One-handed Weapon Powers

Today's post will spotlight one of the weapon power sets for the upcoming Hexblade class. To discuss this post with the community, please join us on the on the #hexblade Discord channel.

Design philosophy

The Hexblade is a melee DPS class, meaning that their role in combat is to inflict a high amount of damage on enemies. The one-handed weapon powers are all about combining debuffs with high single target damage.


We've designed the standard melee power recharge and damage values for Hexblades from scratch. Both weapon power sets have been designed with unique rotations in mind that can optimize your damage output. Our intent is that you can still be effective by just using whatever power is available, but if you spend the time to learn to sequence your powers you will be rewarded with increased damage.

The dual wield problem

We realize that a melee damage class without dual wield is outside the norm, and that's why we have some additional mechanics to help compensate. The first such mechanic is the inherent Eldritch Celerity, which adds a bonus attack when using a one-handed weapon. We'll cover some more on this in a future post, but for now let's just say that we're committed to making sure that Hexblades have a competitive DPS output with the dual wielding classes.

What's in the off hand?

Unlike their sturdy Tank counterparts, Hexblades do not require a shield in their off hand. When using a one-handed weapon their offhand can be empty, using a shield, or holding an item. The reason for this is simple: Hexblades channel their offensive power through their weapons, not shields.

The powers

  • Hexblast: Channel a blast of eldritch magic through your weapon. The target's armor class is degraded for a short time. Recharges in 2 rounds.

  • Smothering Darkness: Hurls a sphere of shadows at a target, which pulls them down to the ground if it hits. Recharges in 2 rounds.

  • Darkworm Feast: Summons a horde of tiny shadow worms to invade the target's flesh. If successful, the target will be slowed. Recharges in 8 rounds.

  • Soul Eater: Your weapon is briefly imbued with a powerful eldritch energy that inflicts heavy damage and transfers some of the target's health to you. Recharges in 8 rounds.

  • Memory of Blades: The specters of ancient eldritch blades are summoned from the realm of shadows to strike your target repeatedly for extreme damage. Recharges in 8 rounds.

What's next?

Up next, we'll go over the two-handed power set for Hexblades, along with a new mechanic that we're introducing as part of it. Please feel free to ask questions or leave feedback in the #hexblade Discord channel.


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