Patch Notes 5/29/2022

It's been awhile, but we've got some fixes for you. There's more on the way, but for now, here's a list of things changed in today's »

Patch Notes 3/3/2021 - Grab Bag

Today's update is a bit of a grab bag. There are updates to account visibility and channel management as well as some gameplay items. Gameplay updates »

Patch Notes 7/9/2020

Today's update is focused on two major quality of life issues and a handful of bugs. Eternal Youth We've removed character aging with this patch. The »

Patch Notes 6/19/2020

Today's patch is a real grab bag of changes. To start with, we've upgraded a slew of Bahamut gear to reflect the time and difficulty of »

Patch Notes 4/30/2020

Today's patch features a brand new zone and some minor area fixes. New Zone - The Unseelie Faerie Court The glamor hiding the ruins of Gaelis »

Patch Notes: 3/5/2020

Today's patch consists of an assortment of Areas related maintenance fixes. See below for details on each change. Areas Ice Crag: You can no longer camp »

Patch Notes: 10/17/2019

Today's patch has a heavy emphasis on bug fixes from GitHub and quality of life issues. Most of these fixes were possible due to the community's »

Patch Notes: 9/27/2019

Today's patch features adjustments to a few zones as well as some power and item fixes, including the long awaited fix for unarmed resists on items. »

Patch notes: Hexblades

This release transforms the Dire Raider class into the Hexblade class, along with some racial updates to Orcs. For more information on Hexblades, check out the »