Paladin Upgrades: Phase 1

Today we're happy to announce the second major class overhaul for TorilMUD: Paladins.

Paladins are a tank class, and this update is all about making them better at their primary role. In the past, Paladins have been hampered by enforced roleplay and poor mechanics, both of which we're dealing with in this update. There's a lot to cover, so let's dive in.


Let's start off with this: mounted combat has been removed for Paladins. The mechanic of requiring a pet for the Paladin to be effective just proved to be too fiddly and annoying over the years, so we're doing away with it. In addition to the mechanics, the theme never made a lot of sense. Paladins don't have to be mounted to represent their deity, and there are a lot of places in an adventuring career where riding on a horse just doesn't make sense. Note that the summon mount skill remains unchanged, so you can still use the mounts for travel purposes.

  • New one handed weapon and shield power set for Paladins: See below for details.

  • New two-handed weapon power set for Paladins: See below for details.

  • Great Weapon Defense: This new reflexive Paladin power grants an extra parry attempt with every incoming attack when wielding a two-handed weapon. The most effective parry attempt will be used, so a full deflection always trumps a partial.

  • Divine Smite: This new Paladin power does heavy damage with a long recharge.

  • Lay On Hands: The old lay hands power has been retired in favor of this new version, which does less healing but can be used every 6 minutes.

  • Paladin Exp: Paladins are no longer penalized for killing good aligned NPCs, and are also no longer given a bonus for killing evil-aligned mobs.

  • Paladin Races: Many races in the Forgotten Realms feature divine warriors. To reflect this, we've opened up the Paladin class to the following classes: Moon Elf, Shield Dwarf, Gnome, Halfling, Half Elf.

  • Fear condition: A new, escalating condition. It starts with being shaken, which reduces hitroll and saving throws. Another application of fear results in being frightened, which increases the hit and save penalties and also prevents the target from casting spells or performing melee powers. Finally, a third application of fear will put the target into a panicked state, forcing them to attempt to flee. After their flee attempt, the target will drop back down to frightened.

Melee Powers

Paladins get two new sets of melee powers: one-handed weapon with a shield (sword & board), and two-handed. Each set is designed to offer something a little different, with sword & board giving the Paladin increased defensive powers and two-handed weapons bringing control and area damage to the table.

Sword & Board Powers
  • Bolstering Strike: Strike your target for extra damage and heal yourself in the process.

  • Radiant Charge: Charge your target and knock them to the ground.

  • Shielding Smite: Summon a holy shield to protect yourself from incoming attacks while striking your target.

  • Enervating Smite: Inflict heavy damage on your target and leave them weakened for a short time.

  • Wrathful Smite: Attack a large radius of your targets in a burst of divine power.

Two-handed Powers
  • Valiant Strike: Attack a small radius of enemies with a powerful strike.

  • Thunderous Smite: Smite your target with a huge concussive thunder blast, knocking them to the ground and causing heavy damage.

  • Brilliant Smite: Summon a holy radiance to blind your target and do heavy damage.

  • Terrifying Smite: Channel the terrifying presence of your deity to inflict damage and the new fear condition upon a group of targets.

  • Whirlwind Smite: Swing your weapon in a huge arc, inflicting damage on a large radius of targets.

Up Next

Just to be clear, this is very much a work in progress. We're attempting to not only upgrade a class but re-define the tanking role at the same time. It's very likely that damage values, effects, and even whole powers will be changed in the coming weeks. We're relying on your feedback for these changes even more than usual, so please speak up and post on the forums, on GitHub, and on GCC.

Up next, we'll have more changes for Paladins, so stay tuned.

Onward, holy warriors!


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