Paladin Upgrades, Phase 2: Threat

The second round of Paladin upgrades are now live. This round is focused around improving the core tanking experience on Toril with a new mechanic called threat.

Tanking in today's game is an important role, but it's also somewaht static and reactionary. We think that it can be more dynamic, engaging and fun for players, and that's what this phase is all about.


You might be familiar with the concept of threat from other games. It's a pretty simple concept, and it works like this:

  • When you attack a mob, you gain threat with them. The more damage you do, the more threat you gain.

  • When the mob is looking to switch targets, it will look for the target with the highest threat and attack them.

  • Other actions can raise your threat with mobs. Healing, casting buff spells, and other things can raise your threat with all of the mobs who see you do it.

  • Tank classes have tools to manipulate this threat, and one of their primary roles is to make sure they appear to be the most threatening target.

Threat tools

There are three main tools in a tank's tool belt for dealing with threat:

  • Damage Output: Just like everyone else, tanks earn threat for the damage they do. Therefore, their targets and the damage they do to them is important.

  • Taunts: Taunts are special powers that raise the tank's threat and force the mob to attack them for a short time. Their threat will become equivalent to the character with the highest threat. It's then their job to raise their threat naturally as high as possible before the taunt wears off and the mob switches again.

  • Powers: Some powers can grant additional threat generation.

  • Threat: The previous mob AI for choosing targets to switch to has been replaced by Threat. The frequency of switching has not been changed.

  • Righteous Aura: New Paladin aura that grants increased threat generation on every attack.

  • Divine Challenge: New Paladin area-effect taunt.

  • True Nemesis: New Paladin single-target taunt.

  • Power Radius: Powers with radii will now loop over the top and bottom of the room list so you will always hit the same number of targets.

  • Ally Attacker Targetting: Some powers will now allow you to target the most recent attacker of one of your allies. Taunts are the first powers to allow this. For example, if your group mate Wulfgar was just switched to by Thrym, you can type power 'divine challenge' wulfgar and you will automatically taunt Thrym. This should be helpful in fights with multiple mobs with the same name, where you know that a frost giant switched to your ally, but not which frost giant.

Up next

Updating the tank role in general is pretty complicated, and this is just the first step. Even more so than the previous class updatesd, were anticipating having to do a lot of fine tuning to get this jsut right. As always, your feedback will be inavaluable to help get tanking where to a fun and rewarding place.

One of the very next things to tackle will be going in-depth on mob switching. We may adjust the frequency, success rate, and mob availability for switching.

There are also more changes for Paladins up next. Thanks again for all the feedback thus far, and happy tanking!


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