Paladin Upgrades, Phase 3: Spells

The third phase of the Paladin class upgrades are now live. This round is all about reworking the Paladin spell system, with an emphasis on spells that increase the Paladin's effectiveness at tanking.

Here are the highlights:

  • Paladins now use spontaneous spell casting.
  • All old Paladin spells have been removed.
  • Paladins now have 5 spell circles instead of 10.
  • Paladin circles come at 1st, 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th levels.
  • All of their spells have zero cast time.
  • All Paladin buff spells are self-only.
  • Damage Transfer is a new power effect that lets you protect another character by absorbing some of their incoming damage.

Paladin Spells

Much like Rangers, the goal here was to remove all of the old spells and replace them with a smaller list of spells that are actually worth casting. Most of these spells focus on two things: increasing survivability and raising threat to keep enemies' attention.

Here's a brief listing of all the new spells. Check out the powers info command and the help files fore more information.

1st Circle
  • Shield of Faith: Increases the caster's armor class.
  • Heroism: Bonus to saving throws and hitroll.
2nd Circle
  • Aura of Glory: Increases the threat generated by the caster.
  • Healing Light: Self heal.
3rd Circle
  • Cleansing Spirit: Removes negative conditions on the caster, including blind and poison.
  • Holy Sword: Imbues the caster's weapon with divine power, dealing extra damage on every hit.
  • Brand of Judgement: Reduces the damage the target deals to the caster.
4th Circle
  • Shield of Warding: Grants 100% resistance to the caster in all damage types for 3 rounds.
  • Divine Bolt: Single target damage attack using positive energy for extra damage versus undead.
  • Noble Shield: Cast on a groupmember, this shield will transfer a portion of the damage the groupmember takes to the caster. Uses the new Damage Transfer power effect.
5th Circle
  • Aura of Life: Increases the maximum hit points of the caster and doubles their hp regeneration rate.
  • Sunburst: Area affect damage using positive energy for extra damage versus undead.

Up Next

As always, this is a work in progress. We'll be keeping a close eye on the new Paladin spells and making changes as needed.

This just about closes out the Paladin updates (for now), but there are still a bunch of little things to address. Threat is still a work in progress, and you can expect some updates there in the near future. We'll also take a close look at how Paladin tanking is working in general and make adjustments there as needed.

We really hope you're having fun with the Paladin updates. Thanks again for all of the feedback. There's still more to come.


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