Patch Notes: 10/17/2019

Today's patch has a heavy emphasis on bug fixes from GitHub and quality of life issues. Most of these fixes were possible due to the community's help in finding them and recording them on GitHub, so thanks!

Quality of life

  • Search: The third consecutive search of a room or a container in a room will now trigger a thorough search. These searches take a little bit longer but are guaranteed to find all hidden items or mobs within. Searching a container in your inventory will now automatically find all hidden items on the first try.
  • Group Consent for Dragging and Resuurection: You can now drag or ressurect a group member's corpse without consent.
  • Kick/Shieldpunch lag: Kick and shieldpunch lag from mobs will no longer stack on players.
  • Auction Max: The auction max limit has been raised from 1M platinum to 10M platinum. You can also start auctions at the maximum if you wish. Auction prices have been formatted with commas for easier reading.
  • Pet consent: Pets now auto-consent their owners.
  • Archery: Max raised to 99 from 95.
  • Ansi Characters: You can now use the ansi control characters & and # again, outside of an ansi sequence.
  • Open/Close messages: You will now see specific messages when opening or closing doors and items, rather than "Ok."


  • Eldritch Celerity: Now grants the bonus attack when hasted correctly. Previously, the extra haste attack was never being added.
  • Plundering Smite: Now heals over max as intended.
  • Breach: Now auto-targets your combat opponent rather than yourself.
  • Dispel Magic: No longer requires consent from your pet.
  • Furious Assault: A clear message will now be shown when this power misses.
  • Spectral Hand: Changed type to necromancy.
  • Scry Remains: The power version of this spell should now be automatically granted to anyone who had quested it previously.
  • Relocate et al: Single file rooms will no longer block the caster from using any relocate spells.
  • Tranquility: This spell should work as intended once again, stopping all attackers in the room.
  • Scaleskin & Vipermind: The spell out messages will now be shown once again for the Yuan-Ti innates.
  • Light: This cantrip will now light up the area immediately, rather than on the next movement.


  • Earring slot: The earring slot name has been renamed to ear when removing items by their slot name. Also, failure to remove a slot will now look for an item with that keyword instead of aborting.
  • Shadow: The shadow skill can now be practiced. It will also notch a little easier when shadowing an NPC.
  • Memorization procs: Double messages removed from all procs that memorized spells.
  • Trophy: Trophy will no longer affect characters under 16th level.
  • Lockpick identify: The lockpick break chances were reversed on identify and will now appear correctly.
  • Prepare: The prepare command now redirects to the spells command for spontaneous casters (Rangers, Paladins, Blackguards, Hexblades.)
  • Duplicate item keywords: Items with duplicated keywords could cause false matches when using the dot notation syntax. This has been fixed.
  • ACC:: The double colons in the ACC message have been changed to a single colon.
  • Sleep gas traps: Traps with sleeping gas will now respect the No-Sleep flag.
  • Guild Guardian: The guild guardian proc will no longer try to teleport dead people, which had unintended (and mildly hilarious) results.
  • Baphomet: Made a key mob no-kill.


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