Patch Notes 2/11/23 - Focus v1.1

This update addresses some of the initial issues found with the new Focus mode. This is just the first round, more is on the way. Please keep sending that feedback my way.

Focus changes

  • Area bleed message will now show again in focus and non-focus mode.
  • Area spell opening messages should display again. This affected things like incendiary cloud, group heal, etc.
  • Focus mode will now show a single message to you if you've been hitting a fireshield or coldshield. The text is the same, but the colors should stand out a little more.
  • You'll now see when other players are targeted by enemy spells in focus mode.

Area changes

  • A certain guildhall portal is no longer takeable, for obvious reasons.
  • Unseelie has had many adjustments to fix bugs and also make it a little more approachable.


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