Patch Notes 2/25/2023

This update contains an assortment of bug fixes and minor enhancements. See below for details.

Much of this work was accomplished by players filing bug reports on GitHub. Thank you to everyone who's done so, and please keep it up.

Skill Training

  • You can now pay to train your skills up almost to the maximum allowed for your level at your guildmaster. Please note that skills will continue to be phased out as classes are upgraded, and there will be no refunds for skill training. Caveat emptor.


  • Skullport: Skull Island Prison is now accessible once again.
  • Disintegrate NPCs that use disintegrate may now damage your items. No items will be destroyed in this process.
  • Cloud Bracelets: The misty bracelet of the cloud realms was previously proccing on demand due to a bug. They will now correctly recharge before use and are usable once every 48 minutes.


  • Death Fixes: Several issues around death have been fixed. You should no longer bleed after death, get healing auras, or have NPCs track you back down.
  • Power Shields: Globe of invulnerability and elemental ward will now block the powers versions of fireshield and coldshield.
  • Sinking Items: Items dropped on top of a water room that has water rooms below it will now sink instead of vanishing in the top-most room.
  • Keprum Crash: The lava tubes fight in the Keprum quest that previously crashed has been stabilized.
  • Bodyslamming Archers: Archer NPCs will no longer try to use non-ranged powers on your from a room away.
  • Helpfile Updates: Many small updates, including Hexblade and spell circle updates.


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