Patch Notes 3/3/2021 - Grab Bag

Today's update is a bit of a grab bag. There are updates to account visibility and channel management as well as some gameplay items.

Gameplay updates

  • Knockdown powers: All knockdown powers have been standardized. Each power does it's damage component separately from the knockdown, so you can always hit the target even if you can't knock them down. This applies to the powers for Rangers, Hexblades, Paladins, Blackguards, and Warriors.

  • Power consumables: The applicable level has been fixed on these consumables. They should all use the level of the consumable for the spell, not the player's level.

  • Casting powers: You can now cast the newer power-only spells, just like any other spell.

Account Mute

Mute is the spiritual successor to the old ignore functionality. This command will let you filter communications from other accounts and can be used for temporary or permanent measures. Here are some key features:

  • Mute works on accounts, not characters.
  • Mute as many accounts as needed.
  • You can mute people on public channels, or both public and private (tell, gsay, etc).
  • You can choose to mute someone indefinitely, or with a timeframe. Anything from 1 minute to a year is supported. The default is 24 hours, but this can be overridden easily.
  • Mute blocks communications, but does not block gameplay messages like procs, spell casting, combat, etc.

We hope that you don't need the mute functionality. But when you do need it, it's there for you. We encourage everyone to treat others with respect and kindness and to report harassment to the staff.

Finally, here's the command usage text:

 Mute command usage:
  mute list                       - List all accounts you have muted
  mute all      <account> <time>  - Mute an account on public and private channels 
  mute public   <account> <time>  - Mute an account on public channels
  mute remove   <account> <time>  - Remove an account from your mute list
 Time options: 
  <blank>                         - Leaving the time blank will default to 24 hours.
  <x> <minutes/hours/days/months> - Specify a number of minutes, hours, days or months
  perm                            - Permanently mute the account
  mute public acme               - Mutes @Acme from public channels for 24 hours
  mute public acme 1 hour        - Mutes @Acme from public channels for 1 hour
  mute all acme 15 minutes       - Mutes @Acme from private and public channels for 15 minutes
  mute all acme perm             - Mutes @Acme from public channels permanently

Account display

There's a new toggle called accountnames that will show you the name of an account on communications and the who list. Type tog accountnames to try it out. The standard account formatting looks like this:

@Barnaby/Obanec OOC: 'hi'
[ 1 War] Obanec  (Human) (@Barnaby)

Wrap up

That's it for this update, but there's more bug fixes and content on the way.


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