Patch Notes: 3/5/2020

Today's patch consists of an assortment of Areas related maintenance fixes. See below for details on each change.


  • Ice Crag: You can no longer camp inside Ice Crag Castle.
  • UM2 Vortex: The key rooms in this challenge are now longer able to be camped in.
  • Goblin King: The bronze scepter that loads here now has a small chance to load each time the king repops.
  • Ashentoris: Ashentoris is now level 59.
  • Flaming Longsword: Finn's Keep flaming longsword now does fire damage, and has better messaging. It also won't kill shopkeepers anymore.
  • Clockwork: A chest that sometimes loads empty has been fixed.
  • Hulburg: Fixed some doors that couldn't be opened once closed.
  • Choking Palace: Some sewer rooms are no longer single file.
  • Calimport Palace: The weight sensitive procs should now work for Half-Orcs.
  • Dragoncult Robes: The keyword for this proc is now "robes" instead of "cloak".
  • Mystery Chests: Some chests throughout the realms are no longer identifiable to prevent guessing their contents.


  • Rot: Fixed the message when this spell does no damage due to protective powers.


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