Patch Notes 4/30/2020


Today's patch features a brand new zone and some minor area fixes.

New Zone - The Unseelie Faerie Court

The glamor hiding the ruins of Gaelis has fallen. What mischief and mayhem lies within this once hidden realm? Only the dark queen truly knows.

Many challenges for small and large groups alike await you in the Unseelie Court.


  • Silverymoon: The dust of a shadow will now load more reliably.
  • Darktree: Cavern finches had their AC adjusted and no longer resemble birds flying around inside full suits of armor.
  • Faang Some unstable Ogre mercenaries from Faang are no longer hireable for mischief.
  • Muspelheim: Fixed the wording in a quest that asked for fifty-three thousand platinum, when it really only wanted five thousand platinum.


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