Patch Notes 5/29/2022

It's been awhile, but we've got some fixes for you. There's more on the way, but for now, here's a list of things changed in today's update:


  • Messages: Updated messages for Holy Word, Radiant Charge, Dominating Smite, and Shield Bash.
  • Continual Light can now be used underwater.
  • True Sight now grants Farsee.
  • Protection from Fire/Cold/Acid/Gas/Lightning no longer stack with Greater Realm of Protection.
  • Phantom Armor and Energy Shield no longer stack with Armor.


  • Tiamat: The black leather whip has some new keywords.
  • Bahamut: Several small fixes have been made, and most item powers can now be cast while sitting.
  • Choking Palace: You can no longer camp inside of the vault.
  • Unseelie: Lots of small fixes. Notably, the prismatic power has been replaced with a special Seelie flavored power. Also, some leggings of banded silver have been upgraded.
  • Darktree: The chess board now allows Psionicists and hints at the correct command.
  • Faang: NPCs will no longer congregate outside of the river, and Grumga will now consent you when you show respect.
  • Order of the Wyrm: A new guildhall has been constructed somewhere in the realms.


  • ARM64: The MUD server can now compile and run under ARM64 processors, which allows our developers to work on the new M1 Macs. There's no impact to players with this.


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