Patch Notes 6/19/2020

Today's patch is a real grab bag of changes. To start with, we've upgraded a slew of Bahamut gear to reflect the time and difficulty of this epic zone. Thank you for your patience and feedback as we worked on dialing this in. Balance is hard, but we'll keep working at it.

In addition to the Bahamut changes, we've also added power consumables and fixed a bunch of annoying bugs. Read on for all of the details.

Bahamut Updates

  • a celestial longbow of carved yew wood: Added arrow of slaying power and a flaming burst enchantment.

  • crown of the death dragon: Added +10 hp. The aura of the death dragon power has been upgraded to include a chance to block incoming melee hits.

  • an adamantine cloak of elvenkind: Removed +50 movement. Added 1% unarmed resist and +2 hit.

  • a stygian black dragon mask: Removed NO-THIEF and hps. Added 4 dam and 2 max_agi.

  • a dragonhide component bag: Removed +agi. Added -3 save vs. para.

  • a fiery red dragon mask: Removed NO-WARRIOR.

  • the crown of the north wind: All powers are more likely to land now.

  • bastion of defense: Added 3% physical resists.

  • a shimmering robe of light: Added 20 hps and 4% physical resists.

  • the claw of a balor demon: Removed AC. Added 10hp, 2% resist lightning, 2% resist fire.

  • the paws of the cheetah: This is now perma-haste. The old power has been removed.

  • a fine silk haversack stitched with platinum thread: Added -1000 to weight for a held limit total of 2000 lbs

  • snow white boots of speed: Added two new powers: divine grace and divine offering. One gives 3 dam, and the other gives -6 save vs. spell. The two powers can not be used at the same time. This allows the boots to function as either 20hp, +2 hit, +2 dam or 20hp, +2 hit, -6 save vs. spell.

  • Bahamut Blades: Due to an issue with Double-Bladed Sword balance, both blades have been changed to Greatswords. However, we've adjusted their enchantments to compensate and keep them top tier weapons.

  • a crimson-edged obsidian blade: Weapon type changed to Greatsword. Added flaming and flaming burst enchantments at 150% damage.

  • a golden-edged moonstone blade: Weapon type changed to Greatsword. Added shocking and shocking burst enchantments at 150% damage.

  • Bahamut NPCs: Several offensive powers tweaked to fire more reliably.


  • Power Consumables: Potions, staves, wands and scrolls will now use the power version of spells if the legacy spell has been retired. This currently includes around 150 of the most commonly used spells.

  • Staff Changes: Staves with power spells will now target a little differently. Area spells will use their normal radius, and single target offensive spells will use a small radius. Buffs will target all grouped players in the room. The radii are smart and will no longer block staff usage if friendlies are in the area.

  • Inferno: This will now remove powers coldshield in addition to legacy coldshield.

  • Ice Tomb: The PC and NPC effects were swapped. They've been swapped back.

  • Mounts: Mounts will no longer be included in the radius of offensive power effects.

  • 2x Components: Spells that require a component will now only require one of them, as intended.

  • Retired Spells: 42 legacy spells have been retired and are now only available as powers. Nearly all of them are damage spells. Here's the full list: energy drain, chain lightning, earthquake, call lightning, cyclone, prismatic spray, unholy word, holy word, sunray, constriction, chromatic orb, fell frost, thunder lance, whirlwind, earth stones, phantasmal blades, phantasmal killer, shadow magic, nightmare, phantasmal tendrils, abi dalzims horrid wilting, contagion, banshee wail, disruption burst, siphon undead, annihilate undead, ancestral fury, shillelagh, sticks to snakes, summon insects, dust devil, suffocate, insect plague, flame blade, fire seeds, destroy undead, eradicate undead, poltergeist, lich touch, life drain ice tomb


  • a gem studded shield: Now takeable and wearable.

  • some mystical runes tattooed amongst the eyes: Added new no-charm flag.

  • Nizari Key Added a missing key for a door in Nizari.

  • Menzo Hexblades: Hexblades can now use the Menzo warrior guild.

  • Vines: Lowered the duration on the blind and para vines to something more reasonable.

  • a black leather whip tipped with steel This is now only usable on standing targets.


  • Globe: Globe will no longer block spells of 3rd circle and up from Rangers, Paladins, Blackguards and Hexblades. It will continue to block spells as always from classes with 1-10 spell circles.

  • No-take sales: You can no longer purchase no-take items directly into a container.

  • Axiomatic enchantment: Now displays the correct message.

  • Guildhall guardians: These should now work a little better.

  • Map: The map command no longer break hides.

  • Crashes: Two long standing crash bugs fixed.


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