Patch Notes 7/9/2020

Today's update is focused on two major quality of life issues and a handful of bugs.

Eternal Youth

We've removed character aging with this patch. The concept of character aging is a relic from the past that adds nothing to the game today, while punishing players returning from a hiatus. Your character's age has now returned to the realm of your personal roleplaying, where it belongs. Here are the details on the changes:

  • Age display: You will no longer see your character age in the attributes display.

  • Age modifiers: Age based hit point, PSP, and movement point modifiers have all been permanently set to their optimal bonus. This means that every character will now have the the best possible bonus previously available from age.

  • Rejuvenate: Rejuvenate Minor+ and _Rejuvenate Major have been removed from Necromancers and Liches.

  • Lathander Disc: This Tiamat reward item will now grant a free restat when used instead of a rejuvenate.

  • Ghosts: Ghosts will now attempt a special wither attack instead of aging their targets.

Logging Out

The camp and quit commands have been overhauled to make logging out of the game simpler. In a nutshell, you can now quit out anywhere in the game without dropping your equipment. If you are in a safe area, you will re-enter the game in the same room. Otherwise, you will be sent to the Fugue plane upon login. Here are the details:

  • Quit/Cancel: The "camp" command is now just an alias for the "quit" command. You can use either one anywhere and it will figure out how to log you out based on the room you're in.

  • Safe vs. Unsafe rooms: Safe rooms for logging out are limited to some sector types and are essentially the same as what was previously known as "campable". Unsafe rooms are whatever used to be uncampable: dangerous sectors, underwater, no-camp zones, raid zones, etc.

  • Safe logout: When you log out in a safe room, you will prepare a camp and re-enter the game in the same room.

  • Unsafe logout: If you log out in an unsafe room you will be sent to the Fugue Plane. This will not incur any equipment damage or resurrection fatigue penalties.

  • Cancellation: You can stop a log out attempt during the countdown by typing quit cancel or moving.

  • 20 seconds: It now takes 15 seconds to complete a log out, with a 5 second warning alert.

  • Hometowns: If you're in a hometown when you log out, your character will re-enter the game at the town's default inn.


  • Instrument Powers: These powers will now recharge correctly.

  • Remove Curse: The power will no longer cause items in gear and inventory to drop when targetted at a specific item.

  • Disruption Burst: Liches and many other undead types have all been correctly classifed as Undead, so this should now hit the same targets as the old spell did.

  • Dragging incapacitated: You can now drag incapped players that are consenting you or are in your group.


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