Patch Notes: 9/27/2019

Today's patch features adjustments to a few zones as well as some power and item fixes, including the long awaited fix for unarmed resists on items.

  • Bahamut: This zone has been substantially adjusted to present a faster and more streamlined experience. All rewards have been moved to the end as a result of this shorter completion time. No Bahamut gear stats have been modified as part of this update.

  • Clockwork: The Clockwork zone has been reworked and is now open for business.

  • Magma: The mechanics of this zone have been updated to preserve the intended challenge level. The whirlpool and the sea below are no longer as accessible, among other changes. No Magma gear stats have been modified as part of this update.

  • Gith: Fixed the issue that caused the Supreme Leader's door to be inoperable.

  • Keprum: Sathaganianmon will no longer expect you to wear a badge when exchanging your badge.

  • Choking Palace Axe: a mithril headed dwarven waraxe graven with rune will no longer stun the wielder and is able to perform a limited breach on wraithform targets.

  • Labyrinth Shield: The Spikethrust power on a fine mithril shield embedded with spikes has been updated to better reflect the new powers that replaced the old shieldpunch skill. The recharge has been lowered, it now uses a hitroll and strength hit modifier, and the lag on the user has been removed.

  • Unarmed Resistance: The unarmed resistance modifier on items has been fixed and should now work on all items that it was previously featured it.

  • Badge: You can now wear a badge of the Order of Zillsxxixln as a badge.

  • Ice Tomb: This spell will now have a flat 5% chance to proc paralysis vs. PC targets. The behavior vs. NPCs is unchanged.

  • Protection From Undead: PFU will no longer provide an AC bonus. This bonus was originally from the Protect Undead spell and was inadvertently added to PFU.

  • Map Exits: The map will no longer show hidden or blocked up and down exits.

  • Recall: The recall command can no longer be used while in combat.


We welcome your feedback on these changes. Please join us on Discord to share your thoughts on these updates.


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