Patch notes: Hexblades

This release transforms the Dire Raider class into the Hexblade class, along with some racial updates to Orcs.

For more information on Hexblades, check out the following detailed posts:

To discuss this post with the community, please join us on the on the #hexblade Discord channel.


  • Hexblades: All Dire Raiders are now Hexblades.
  • Orcs: Orc racial attributes have been changed. They now get a substantial bonus to strength and constitution, with some minor penalties to intelligence and wisdom.
  • Power combo prompt: You can now toggle on the "combo counter" in the prompt. This is currently only used for the Hex Power mechanic in the Hexblade's 2H class. Type "display combo" to activate the counter.
  • Powers Help: Powers can now contain a text summary within their info screen. If no dedicated helpfile for a power exists, "help " will now automatically redirect to the power info screen. The info screen has been cleaned up a little as well.

What's next?

Your feedback! We'll be watching the new Hexblades in action and looking for your feedback on how the class feels. Please join us on the #hexblade Discord channel to offer all of your bug your reports, ideas, and comments.

Happy Hexing!


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