Patch Notes: New Prompt + Sorcerer Fixes

I want to be very clear. I tried to contain the prompt project. It started with some suggestions to allow re-coloring the new Wild Magic proc spells, and somehow it snowballed into a completely new prompt system with multiple layouts and fully customizable colors. I hope you all enjoy your new blinking prompts! Just kidding, I drew the line at blinking. For now.


The new Sorcerer class has more powers with recharges than ever before, so keeping track of them all on the existing prompt was a little difficult. To address that, we've added an entirely new prompt system that gives you new ways to set up your prompt.

The new promp has multiple customizable layouts including everything from the classic prompt to a decked out modern prompt with nameplates, percentages and fixed-width power bars. You can customize the color of just about anything, and each subclass also gets its own independent prompt.

The new prompt is wholly separate from the existing prompt setup, so you can switch to it and experiment without affecting your existing prompts.

To get started with the new prompt, type toggle newprompt. For more information on how to set it up, check out help prompt.

Class changes

Sorcerer: General

  • Twin Spell will no longer be consumed by quicken spell or combo spender powers that you don't have enough combo points for.
  • Vision is now required to target most combat spells.
  • Prompt procs are now cleared immediately after using, rather than a round later.

Sorcerer: Draconic

  • Energized Sorcery from lightning breath duration decreased from 60s to 30s. This was originally a bug, as I increased it to 60s for testing purposes and neglected to fix it. In testing, this does change the rotation, but overall damage is still strong. The intent here is to use this affect tactically, rather than having 100% uptime.
  • Acidic Orb debuff duration increaased from 8s to 10s.

Sorcerer: Wild Magic

  • Prismatic Shield has been fixed. It wasn't absorbing any damage before, but now it should absorb 100% of the stated damage before expiring.
  • Prismatic Disorder will now show a message to the room when it blinds the target.
  • Unicorns are now much, much more rare. When they do show up though, they are much more capable pets to have in a fight.
  • Prismatic Explosion damage increased from 35% SP to 50% SP.
  • Spell Procs will no longer be consumed by anything other than the intended spell. Prior to this, chaos infusion, wild magic storm, and prismatic reaction could all be consumed by other spells with no effect. Fixing this so drastically increased the damage profile of Wild Magic that some of the spells needed their damage lowered to accommodate. This should not result in a significant damage decrease due to the fixed procs.
  • Chaos Barrage damage decreased from 250% SP to 175%.
  • Chaos Storm damage decreased from 50% SP to 40% SP.
  • Torrent of Power damage decreased from 250% SP to 200% SP.


  • Knockdown Shot hit roll modifier increased from 100% to 200%.
  • Concussive Shot hit roll modifier increased from 100% to 200%.


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