Patch Notes: Sorcerers

This release reintroduces the Sorcerer class, a new damage dealing magic-user.


  • Sorcerers: The Sorcerer class has returned, with Draconic and Wild Magic subclasses.
  • Subclasses: Subclasses are a new specialization tool, introduced first for Sorcerers
  • Invokers: Every existing Invoker has the option to change classes to Sorcerer, and back again.
  • Dragon HP: In exchange for being more vulnerable to some magic, Dragons have taken a 10% hp increase.
  • Classes command: The class command can be used to change subclasses and even classes, if you have a token.
  • Spellbooks: You can now only wield one spellbook at a time.
  • Help files: Help files have been added for the class command, Sorcerers, their subclasses, and conditions.

Sorcerer highlights

  • Subclass: Draconic: Channel the power of dragons to unleash devastation upon your foes.
  • Subclass: Wild Magic: Attempt to harness the powers of chaos, and spell procs.
  • Innate Casters: Sorcerers use innate magic powers, and do not study books, memorize, or use spell circles.
  • Exp tables: Sorcerers use the same experience tables as Warriors and Rangers.
  • Hitpoints: These casters start off with significantly more hit points and will gain a static amount per level.
  • Critical Spells: Sorcerer damage spells can cause a critical hit.
  • Spell Focus: Sorcerers use this new scaling damage stat to determine their damage.
  • Spells command: The spells command has a new version for innate casters like Sorcerers that shows individual recharge timers for each spells, and can be filtered via "utility" and "combat" spells.

Sorcerer spells

The following new spells have been added to Sorcerers since the original announcement:

  • Hover: Levitate in the air!
  • Astral Scrying: Locate an item or clairvoyantly spy on another player.
  • Ethereal Step: Teleport to a nearby player in the same zone.
  • Platinum Shield: Grants element damage reduction to the Sorcerer's group for a short time.
  • Etherealness: The caster becomes immaterial for a short time.

What's next?

Inevitably, class tuning. Keep the feedback coming, and have fun everyone.


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