Powers: Up Next

In case you missed it, we converted the last spell over to the Power system this week. That's 305 spells and another 25 melee and miscellaneous powers, if you're keeping track.

It's been a long time coming, but what's next for Powers?

Retiring old spells

First up is retiring the old spells so that there is just one version of each. We'll be doing this in waves so that we can fix issues with the new powers as they crop up. Look for the upcoming waves of spells to be retired on this new site.

There will certainly be bugs that have to be fixed in this process and we can really use your help in reporting them on our new issue tracker. The plan is to fix issues with the most recent wave of powers before disabling the next wave so that we never end up with too many broken spells at one time.

Bard and Battlechanter support

Bard spells have already been converted, but they can't be used until the bardic daily magic system has been adjusted to work for powers. This will likely happen concurrently with the above spell retirement phases.

Converting spell items

Next up will be converting all magical items - wands, staves, potions, scrolls, etc - to use the powers version of the spells. This will also involve converting special weapon and item procs over.

Converting NPC casters

The final step in disabling all of the old spells will be converting all NPC casters to use powers. With any luck this will be pretty straightforward as the player base will have had some time to work out all of the bugs.

The future

There's still plenty to do after all of this is complete. Psionics will need to get converted, the melee powers need to be finalized, procs need to get converted over to use powers, etc. Most importantly, the powers system will finally be able to fulfill it's original goal of allowing us to create new powers and balance the existing ones in a unified system.

Thank you

I'd like to extend a thank you to everyone who has helped test powers and given their feedback. This has been a long, difficult project and I couldn't have done it without everyone's help - so thank you!



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