Rangers: Archery Updates and Race Expansion

Many months have passed since the initial Ranger class overhaul, and while the changes overall have been a success, one key aspect is still in need of some tweaking: Archery. To that end, we've made some changes today to start addressing those issues. We've also thrown in some new races for Rangers as well as some general updates.

Ranger updates

  • Archery damage: All Ranger archery powers have had their damage component separated from their affects. This mean that knockdown shot, concussive shot, and splintering shot can now do damage to immaterials and size restricted targets, though their status effects are still restricted.

  • Knockdown shot: The Has legs restriction has been removed. This will make it easier to knock down many types of NPCs, including elementals and yuan-ti.

  • Sweeping Strike from the dual wield powerset has also lost has legs and had its damage component separated from the knockdown effect.

  • Ranged Weapon Defense: Rangers receive this new passive power which grants an extra dodge attempt when wielding a ranged weapon. This should provide an extra layer of protection to archery focused Rangers.

  • Ranger race expansion: Barbarians, Shield Dwarves, Gnomes, and Halflings can now be Rangers.

Other changes

  • Real stat numbers: The stat roller will now show real stat numbers instead of descriptive words ("heroic", "average", etc). This data is already available as soon as a character is created, so there's no reason to hide it in the roller anymore.

  • New characters equipment: Newly created characters will now start with their gear worn, instead of in their inventory.

  • Aggressive targeting: You can now use "[powername] all" to aggressively attack the mobs in the room, whether already fighting or not.

Next up

There are several things in the works for Toril, only two of which I'll touch on here.

First up is a round of bugfixes and tweaks for Paladins, Blackguards and Warriors. We'll be collecting feedback for these changes from GitHub, so if you haven't posted your feedback yet now is the time to do it.

Following that is the next class update. Work has already begun on the design of this update, with implementation to start in the near future.

Thanks for all of your feedback, and enjoy the game!


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