Ranger Upgrades, Phase 3: Spells

The third phase of our ongoing Ranger updates goes live today. After overhauling their melee powers and introducing a new archery system, the logical next step was to focus on the Ranger spell system.

The old spell system for Rangers had a lot of problems. First of all, Rangers are too busy hitting things to spend a lot of time sitting around praying for spells. Second, their spell list was, to put it mildly, not very useful. The spells in the list were a hodge-podge of nature-y things that fit the theme of Rangers, but really didn't add anything to the mechanics of the class.

To address these issues, we've created an entirely new spontaneous casting system and rebuilt their spell list from the ground up.

Spontaneous Casting

Spontaneous casting is a new spell system created for a select few classes. This is not intended to replace the current memorization system and does not affect any other classes at this time. Spontaenous casting is very similar to the current Bard spell system, with the key difference that each slot recharges on its own, rather than at a set time of day. Here are the key features:

  • You know a specific number of spells in each circle.
  • Each circle has a total number of spell slots available.
  • Without preparation, you can cast any spell as long as you have a slot open in its circle.
  • Casting that spell uses up one slot in the circle.
  • The spell slot will recharge at a static rate determined by its circle.
  • When the slot has recharged, you can cast any of the spells in that circle again.

To help visualize this, the spells command has been updated to show all of your spells, slots, and the recharge times. There's also a new, briefer, command called slots:

( 1st circle )   [ 3/3 ]
( 2nd circle )   [ 2/3 ] Next recharge in: 3 minutes 54 seconds
( 3rd circle )   [ 3/3 ]
( 4th circle )   [ 2/3 ] Next recharge in: 5 minutes 52 seconds
( 5th circle )   [ 1/2 ] Next recharge in: 6 minutes 52 seconds

You can also add your current slots to your prompt, with display slots:

< 1060h/1060H 170v/170V |tr +|sp +|cn +|tr +| |3|2|3|2|1| >  

Ranger spells

Let's get a few things out of the way first:

  • All old Ranger spells have been removed.
  • We've added 17 brand-new spells for Rangers.
  • Rangers now get 5 spell circles instead of 10.
  • Ranger circles come at 1st, 10th, 20th, 30th, and 40th levels.
  • All of the new spells have zero cast time.
  • All buff/utility spells are self-only.

Our goal was to remove all of the old cruft that had accumulated around the Ranger list and replace it with a new collection of spells that suits Rangers both thematically and mechanically. The new spells are comprised of short-duration combat boosts, self only buffs, and utility powers.

Here's a brief listing of all of the new spells. Check out powers info and the help files for more information on each one.

1st Circle
  • Longstrider: Restore movement points to the caster.
  • Hunter's Mark: Deal extra damage to the marked target.
  • Cloak of Vigor: Increase hit point regenration for the caster.
2nd Circle
  • Dawn's Renewal: Self heal and remove poison.
  • Cloak of the Winds: Adds an extra combat attack per round. Stacks with haste.
  • Beast Sense: Adds detect invisibility and sense life to the caster.
3rd Circle
  • Cloak of Protection: Decreases armor class and provides evasion damage reduction from area spells.
  • Blades of Fire: Adds fire damage to every melee weapon hit.
  • Lightning Arrow: Adds extra lightning damage to the next archery power.
4th Circle
  • Cloak of Resilience: Adds a large amount of damage reduction against physical attacks.
  • Electric Discharge: The caster's melee weapons become charged with electricity, dealing extra damage and stunning the target on the next melee power.
  • Tree Stride: Anchor teleportation spell, wilderness only.
  • Hail of Thorns: The caster's next archery power will explode in a shower of thorns, doing area damage.
5th Circle
  • Misty Path: Obscures the caster's path, preventing the from being tracked.
  • Cloak of Life: Increases maximum hit points and heals the caster.
  • Arctic Barrage: Imbues the caster's bow with frost, causing extra cold damage on every archery attack. Archery powers will deal bonus damage and weaken the target.
  • Greenfire: Coats the caster's weapons with acidic green flames, causing extra acid damage on every melee hit and bonus damage from melee powers.
Up next

As with the previous update, this is a work in progress. We'll be collecting your feedback and adjusting the new spell system and the spells as needed over the coming weeks.

We're just about done adding new features for Rangers (for now), but there are a few more things in store. We'll also be doing another pass on all of the new features added to Rangers so far to evaluate them and adjust as needed. We'll try to collect a lot of feedback during this last phase so that Rangers are in a great place before we move on to the next class.

Thanks again for all the great feedback, and we hope you're having fun with the new Ranger class.


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