Ranger Upgrades, Phase 4: Skills

The final Ranger update (for now) is released today. This release focuses on cleaning up the Ranger skill list and smoothing over a few rough edges.

Many old skills have been removed from Rangers. All of these skills were artifacts of the old, ineffective Rangers. We're getting rid of them so that there's no mistaking what a Ranger's primary job is anymore, and so that they don't have a bunch of skills littering their list that they don't use or need. Some of them - like mediate - just don't have any use at all for the updated Ranger class.

Here's what changed:

  • Stealth: Rangers now get sneak and hide, with a skill cap of 75.

  • Initiating Combat: Rangers can now initiate combat with their new powers. They don't have any lag, but will impose a 2-round flee cooldown. This means that you can open with your melee or archery powers, but you will not be able to flee or retreat for two rounds afterwards.

  • Skill Removals: The following skills have been removed from Rangers: mounted combat, meditate, ranged specialist, kick, bash, and all spellcast skills except nature.

  • Bugfixes: The Tiamat arrow will no longer disappear when it kills its target and spell slots will now be granted appropriately on level-up.

  • NPC Archers: Archer mobs work again.

What's Next?

This update closes out our current work on the Ranger class. That's not to say that there won't be more archery or Ranger updates, but for now, the focus is shifting. We'll have some news in the coming weeks on the next class to be updated. Until then, please continue to provide your feedback to help us iron out any remaining issues with Rangers. Thanks again for all the feedback and support to date.

Happy sneaking!


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