Ranger Upgrades

It's been a long time since the last major class revision in TorilMUD. Since that time, we've added a lot of systems and a lot of content. Now, it's time to start overhauling classes to make them more balanced and engaging to play. The Ranger class seemed like a good place to start.

Today's updates are the first round of changes aimed at making Rangers better at their primary job: inflicting damage in a spectacular fashion. Rangers already dish out a fair amount of damage, but the class is marred by uninteresting mechanics and a handful of unreliable skills.

As the first step to upgrade Rangers, we've added 5 new melee powers for Rangers. These powers are designed to complement each other and have a number of things in common:

  • They all require the user to be dual wielding.
  • They are not skill dependant.
  • They can only be used in combat versus your current target.
  • They don't "miss". These attacks either do full damage and apply their secondary effect, or they do reduced damage without the effect.

The new powers are:

  • Twin Strike: Strike your target with both weapons, causing extra damage.

  • Sweeping Strike Attack your target's legs, causing damage and knocking them prone.

  • Armor Splinter: Hit your target in the weak spots in their armor, making them take extra damage from physical attacks for a short period.

  • Eviscerate: Deal a huge amount of damage and weaken the target in the process, reducing their melee damage output for a short period.

  • Bladestorm: Attack your target and up to two others in a small radius for heavy damage.

Supporting changes

To make this work, a few additional changes were needed.

  • Global Melee Cooldown: All melee powers now have a 1-round cooldown before you can use another melee power. This is to prevent using all of your melee powers in a single round, which doesn't make a lot of sense. This only applies to the new powers framework and the old skills are unaffected for now.

  • Weakened condition: When a target is hit with the weakened condition, their melee damage will be reduced by a set percentage. This effect can stack, but their is an upper limit to how much damage can be reduced. The effect also applies to a variety of physical attacks, including dragon attacks.

  • Rangers get dual wield at level 1.: They also load with two swords as new players.

  • Recharge slots in the prompt: You can now add up to 5 powers to your prompt. The display will tell you if the powers are ready to use, and if not, it will show how many rounds until they're ready. Check out powers ? for information on adding powers to your prompt. It looks like this:

Next steps

To be clear, these changes are an experiment. We think that melee classes can be more engaging and fun, and this is our first attempt at it. These powers might need drastic changes, and nothing is set in stone. We'll keep working at it, and your feedback is essential. Please post bugs and ideas on GitHub or in the forums.

Also, it needs to be said that by no means do we think that this is all that Rangers need. There are more changes in store, but we'll save those details for a future post.

Happy Rangering!


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