Sorcerers: A Change of Plans

Last Sunday, I announced the re-introduction of the Sorcerer class, and the retiring of the Invoker class. However, after a lot of consideration and listening to your feedback, I've decided to change course.

I understand that many of you are excited about the new Sorcerer class and are looking forward to playing as one. I also know that some of you are concerned about the conversion of Invokers and the impact it would have on your playing experience. Another important consideration I've realized is that some of you have had Invokers for multiple decades, and have developed rich roleplay backgrounds and personal attachments to them. I respect that, and I don't want anyone to feel like their investment in their character has been snatched away. I know I wouldn't like that either, but I had to take a step back and really think about it to realize that. After taking all of this into consideration, I realized I had made a mistake in my initial plans.

I apologize for any frustration that this announcement has caused. I take your feedback seriously, and I really do want to provide a fun, rewarding game for everyone.

Here's the new plan.

Invokers will not be changed at this time. They will remain a separate class, and will be upgraded in the future. When that upgrade happens, I will focus on preserving the existing theme of the class while also modernizing it. I'll also work to involve the community and key players in the changes ahead of time.

Sorcerers will still be introduced as a brand new class. And because I promised it, and because some people are excited to convert their Invokers, you'll still have the choice to convert your Invokers into Sorcerers. We'll do that by granting two new class transfer tokens to every Invoker. You can use one of the tokens to convert to a Sorcerer, and another to convert back to an Invoker if you decide you don't like it. This is a fully automated system that you can take care of on your own via a new command. The new command will take quest spells, skills, experience, and everything else into account, so that nothing is lost in the transfers. I know this is a new thing for Toril, but I think the fairest solution is to put the choice in each Invoker's hands to convert or not.

Finally, it's worth pointing out that this Sorcerer class is the first of many planned Mage class upgrades. The idea is to start with one core Mage class, gather feedback, make adjustments, and then use that knowledge to upgrade the rest of the Mages. So when I say that Invokers will be upgraded in the future, I really mean the near future.

Thank you for your understanding and support. I'm really proud of the community we have at Toril, and looking forward to many more years of fun and adventure.

-- Shevarash


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