Sorcerers Return

After 25 years, Sorcerers are returning to Toril.

A long time ago, Invokers and Enchanters were a single class known as Sorcerers. Now, Invokers will become Sorcerers once more.

The Sorcerer is a new class built from the ground up, with the goal of making a modern, engaging casting class that can hold its own alongside the revamped melee classes. There are new mechanics and play styles introduced, some of which will carry on to future classes. It's all a big experiment, and I hope you're ready to try it out and help us get them just right.

Sorcerer Class Overview

A sorcerer is a spell caster that carries magic within them. Unlike other mages, Sorcerers do not study books and prepare spells, because magical power courses through their veins. When a sorcerer casts a spell, they channel that raw power within. There are many reasons why a Sorcerer can become imbued with such power...

...such as being born with the magical birthright of Dragons.

Class features

  • Draconic Ancestry: A draconic heritage imbues Sorcerers with their power, and many of their spells are based on chromatic dragon abilities.
  • Damage Role: Though they have some utility, Draconic Sorcerers primarily use their innate powers to wreak destruction.
  • Sorcery Points: Sorcerers build and then expend sorcery points to cast their most powerful magic.
  • Innate Casters: Sorcerers do not memorize spells, carry spell books, or have spell slots. All of their spells use sorcery points or are on cooldown timers.
  • Spell Focus: Rather than dice, spell damage is based on Spell Focus, a new stat. This stat is based on a combination of your level, intelligence, and spell focus from equipment. Each damage spell does a percentage of your spell focus as damage, and the exact number is listed on the powers info screen. For equipment, Sorcerers will use the old SF: Invocation, which has been renamed. Note that Intelligence is in relation to the racial maximum, meaning that no one race will do more damage than any other.
  • Critical Spells: All Sorcerer spells have a chance to score a critical hit for extra damage.
  • Instant Spells: Many spells are instantaneous, without the associated casting lag.
  • Metamagic: Sorcerers have access to metamagic such as twin spell and quicken spell that can alter how their other spells are used.
  • AOE Balancing: This class has been balanced with both single target and area of effect damage in mind. The radius and damage for area spells has been carefully set to avoid eclipsing other classes' damage.
  • MR Immunity: Sorcerer spells are not affected by Magic Resistance. Dragons, demons, devils, elementals, and the like will take full damage from these spells.


  • Arcane Sight: Allows the caster to see in the dark, detect invisibility, and detect magic.
  • Ethereal Cloak: The caster disappears out of combat and becomes invisible.
  • Counterspell: Stops an enemy spell while being cast.
  • Arcane Restoration: Heals the caster's wounds.
  • Draconic Wings: Allows the caster to fly with the aid of mighty wings.
  • Twin Spell: Metamagic spell that causes the next single target spell to be cast twice.
  • Quicken Spell: Metamagic spell that instantly recharges any spell of the caster's choice.
  • Charged Scales: Covers the caster in lightning scales, reducing damage and shocking attackers.
  • Astral Shift: Allows the caster to relocate to another player.
  • Planar Gateway: Open a portal to another plane or teleport beacon for the Sorcerer and their friends.
  • Crackling Whip: Lashes a single target with a whip of lightning. Builds sorcery points.
  • Acidic Orb: Fires an orb of acid at a target, with a small cleave, making all targets vulnerable to the caster for a few rounds. Builds sorcery points.
  • Scorching Blast: Scorches a single target with flames, with a chance to blind them with heat. Builds sorcery points.
  • Corrosive Bolt: Launches a devastating bolt at a single target. Spends sorcery points.
  • Breath of Winter: The caster breathes cold and ice on their enemies. Spends sorcery points.
  • Inferno: A massive firestorm burns targets in the area, and continues to burn them for several rounds.
  • Lightning Breath: Discharges a terrible electrical storm. Does heavy damage and also causes the caster to generate double sorcery points for a brief time.
  • Draconic Majesty: The sorcerer channels primal draconic powers, increasing their spell damage for several rounds.


We're planning on releasing Sorcerers for everyone to try on March 25th. At that time, you will be able to roll new Sorcerers and all Invokers will become Sorcerers. As always, we'll be counting on your feedback to help tweak this class and get them just right. There's a lot of new and experimental features in this class, so we'll really need your help.

See you then!


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