Spell Retirement: First Wave

The first wave of legacy spells will be retired shortly. This first wave consists of 40 fairly simple damage spells.

You can still use either the cast or power command to cast these, it just won't ever invoke the legacy version of the spell. If you find any issues with these powers, please help us out by posting the bugs on our issue tracker.

After this goes live, the following spells will only be able to be cast as powers:

  • magic missile
  • chill touch
  • burning hands
  • shocking grasp
  • lightning bolt
  • cone of cold
  • fireball
  • bigbys clenched fist
  • harm
  • full harm
  • firestorm
  • flame strike
  • acid blast
  • acidstorm
  • sandblast
  • blacklight burst
  • thunderblast
  • blazing beam
  • minute meteors
  • mordenkainens sword
  • needle swarm
  • snapping teeth
  • earth darts
  • air blast
  • ice spear
  • shadow bolt
  • shadow burst
  • blackthorns
  • shadechill
  • pain touch
  • spectral hand
  • nerve dance
  • beltyns burning blood
  • totem darts
  • spiritknife
  • jar the soul
  • unleash fetish
  • puppet
  • soul tempest
  • spirit wrack


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