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Tis the season for retiring old sites, apparently.


Support issues - that is, issues with your account or character that require staff assistance - have always been a little hard for us to keep track of. You may have noticed that our old process of "petition, then open a ticket on Lighthouse and maybe email 2 or 3 staff members" hasn't been working out all that well. It was hard to figure out who to ask for what, and commingling support issues with code and areas bugs on Lighthouse was confusing at best. Going forward, we have a single email address that you can send support requests to if you can't immediately get help online via petition. Everyone on staff has access to it, so you'll be able to get the best help from whoever is most qualified.

Here's the address for support issues. For code and area bugs, see the next section.

Support Email:


Lighthouse used to be a pretty cutting edge issue tracker, but these days it has been almost completely eclipsed by the juggernaut that is GitHub.

Toril hosts our code privately on GitHub, and we use their issue tracker internally with a lot of success. Our old process was to look for bugs on Lighthouse, then create new GitHub issues to track them. This sort of worked, but it was sub-optimal for sure. The proverbial loop did not get closed very often.

Going forward, we've retired the Lighthouse site and opened up a new GitHub repository for tracking code and area issues with the MUD. You can find it here.

We really appreciate your help with logging issues and your patience while we switch sites. The old Lighthouse site will be up for a little while longer and we will be manually transitioning relevant tickets over the coming weeks.


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