Warrior Upgrades

It's class upgrade time again on TorilMUD. This time, the focus is on one of Toril's mainstay classes: Warriors.

After Paladins and Blackguards, Warriors are the third tank class to be updated. These updates are intended to make Warriors competitive with the other tanks by granting them some of the same tools, as well as some new features.

The biggest difference between Warriors and their holy counterparts is the way they use non-combat powers. Rather than casting spells, Warriors now have access to cooldown powers. These are powers that have relatively long recharges and can be freely mixed and matched with each other. The challenge, for Warriors, is in choosing the right time to use each cooldown for maximum effectiveness.


  • New one-handed weapon and shield power set for Warriors: See below for details.

  • New two-handed weapon power set for Warriors: See below for details.

  • 7 new cooldown powers for Warriors: See below for details.

  • Great Weapon Defense: Warriors receive this reflexive power that grants an extra parry attempt when wielding a two-handed weapon.

  • Taunts: Warriors gain two taunt powers: Warriors's Utimatium and Combat Challenge.

  • Old skills: Warriors have lost access to some old skills that have been replaced by the new powers: bash, kick, hitall, headbutt, and shieldpunch.

  • Dazzled condition: Targets who are dazzled can't see very well and receive a huge penalty to their hit roll as a consequence.

  • Slow condition: Slow is now a standard condition, though the effects are unchanged.

New Warrior Powers

Warriors have two new power sets: one-handed weapon with a shield (sword & board), and two-handed weapons. The sword and board powers are great for maintaining maximum defenses, and the two-handed weapon powers are geared towards area damage, control, and increased threat presence.

Sword & Board Powers

  • Comeback Strike: Strike your target and receive a small health boost.

  • Shield Bash: The old favorite, updated. Knock your target to the ground and inflict damage in the process.

  • Defensive Strike: Strike out at your target while adopting a defensive position that makes you harder to hit.

  • Brutal Strike: Strike your target upside the head, leaving them dazzled for a short time.

  • Relentless Assault: Methodically strike out at a large radius of enemies for heavy damage.

Two-handed Weapon Powers

  • Cleave: Attack a small radius of enemies with a vicious cleaving attack.

  • Spinning Sweep: Knock your target to the ground with a well-placed sweep attack.

  • Skullcrusher: Bring your weapon crashing down on your enemy's head, leaving them stunned.

  • Unyielding Avalanche: Strike out at a group of foes with lightning-fast blows, tiring them out and leaving them slowed for a short duration.

  • Rain of Steel: You rush a large group of enemies and strike out at all of them in a flurry of ferocious blows.


  • No Opening: You redouble your defenses, improving your armor class in the process.

  • Unbreakable: Through focused determination, you deflect a portion of incoming melee damage.

  • Unstoppable: You stand your ground and ignore some wounds, restoring a significant amount of hit points.

  • Diamond Shield Defense: You greatly improve your defensive standing by using all available weapons and armor to mount an active defense.

  • Heroic Defiance: Through sheer stubbornness, you shake off several adverse conditions.

  • Storm of Destruction: In a terrifying display of aggression, you confront and attack a large radius of foes, striking them repeatedly in a wild frenzy. The attacks are so fierce that enemies are thrown to the ground.

  • Iron Warrior: A powerful expression of a Warrior's training and determination, this power grants you brief invulnerability, as well as raising your maximum hit points for a longer duration.

Next Up

Though the combat power updates should be familiar by this point, the cooldown aspect is a new system and should be considered experimental. We'll be keeping an eye on it and may update the recharge times, effectiveness, and individual powers as we gather data about how they're being used. As always, please post your feedback on GitHub, through email, or on GCC.

We hope you enjoy the new changes. Have fun!


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