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by Ronathar/Galnyrith
Wed Mar 28, 2001 12:42 am
Forum: S3 Ideas Archive
Topic: Random Pop Zone
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I dont know if they have this, but how about timed events? IE. Things that appear at day/night, etc. Or specific times of the year?
by Ronathar/Galnyrith
Tue Mar 06, 2001 12:31 am
Forum: S3 General Discussion Archive
Topic: Texan Mudders Unite?Nahhh Canada Mudders!
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I'm from a city of 15,000, 15 minute drive south of edmonton called Leduc. Never met another Mudder from around here.
by Ronathar/Galnyrith
Wed Feb 28, 2001 6:25 am
Forum: S3 General Discussion Archive
Topic: Sojourn 3 Update: Areas
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Will it be ruled by Female Drow, as like it is in FR, patron god, Lloth? Will we perhaps see the rise of whole player run drow houses? (would be super cool)
by Ronathar/Galnyrith
Sat Feb 24, 2001 11:48 am
Forum: S3 General Discussion Archive
Topic: Sheer Generosity--stuff you got free
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After losing all my stuff down in troll marshes with my Elven Warrior (was having fun exploring the area between WD and BG) I dunno why but I didnt bother asking any for a CR. But I came back the next day, and made it back to WD from Leuth. And a Barbarian asked me what happened. I told him/her and ...

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