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by Rujen
Tue Sep 18, 2007 9:42 am
Forum: General Discussion Archive
Topic: Targsk
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Get a hold of me

by Rujen
Mon Dec 31, 2001 11:36 pm
Forum: Stories
Topic: Autumnmoon Rising - Part 2
Replies: 4
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You guys and yer short stories :P
Get my interest then quit Bah :P

Rujen Brightforge
by Rujen
Mon Dec 31, 2001 11:33 pm
Forum: Stories
Topic: The Chronicles of Twilight Raven: Trials in the Desert
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Wheres the rest!?
by Rujen
Sat Oct 27, 2001 2:46 am
Forum: S3 Gameplay Discussion Archive
Topic: Illusionist bug
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Illusionist bug

<> Casting: shadow magic < 316h/318H 100v/100V > <> You complete your spell... You send a dark shadow missile blasting into A dark shadow! < 316h/318H 100v/100V > <> You start chanting... < 316h/318H 100v/100V > <> A dark shadow misses you with its drain. Your disguise falls apart! A dark shadow mis...

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