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Should the rules on botting be reconsidered?

the rules on botting are perfect
if youre not afk youre not botting
doing exp is so mind numbing i dont do it, i play to zone, if i could bot exp id prolly roll a alt
doesnt matter to me either way
i exp at work and play when i got some free time at home, botting makes exp possible for me
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i only log on to idle most of the time so id bot exp if i could but i cant so i just idle for chat
i dont bot but i dont see anything wrong with others doing it
i miss the old days when pretty much any trigger was considered a bot
i dont like it but at this point id say anything that might help the pbase should be given a shot
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Postby Kribble » Tue Jul 08, 2003 3:54 pm

I gotta chime in on this because I'm way guilty of botting, and yes, I do it in zones. People who zone with me know they can tell me 'haste', 'globe' etc. for an autospell. I guess if that's illegal, I break the rules.

Do I think it would make me a better player to have to keep up with everything manually? No way, because I've already done that. I will have to agree that without the experience of triggerless zoning, my mediocre zoning skills would be even worse.

Bottomline, make botting legal, or at least put up with it. If you powerlevel, don't have any skills, and suck when you hit 50th, enjoy not getting groups after the first time you cause a spank. If you bot and die, don't you dare get angry about. If your friends want to powerlevel alts, bot for them. If newbs want you to powerlevel them, DONT DO IT. Take the time to exp with them, at your keyboard, teach them, be cool to them, nurture them, if everyone who had a level 50 character spent time with a new player and got them hooked on this game, our pbase would soar.

I'm ranting. Peace.
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Postby Ionari » Sun Jul 13, 2003 1:49 am

Turxx wrote: its good to debate the way things work, nothing would ever change if everyone simply accepted the way things are as the only way things can be

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Postby Sarell » Sun Jul 13, 2003 4:52 am

I think making botting legal / tolerated at low level would only hurt the game further. Like sarvis said, no new people are going to join sojourn so that they can sit around endlessly on ship with people botting along, BORING... Need to make exp in zones a lot more, by way of lowering table increasing trophy imho..
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Postby Kribble » Mon Jul 14, 2003 5:19 pm

I agree, that's what I'm saying... if you're playing with new people, don't bot, TEACH! At the same time, there's no way I'm going to sit through hours and hours of exp at my keyboard for a new character I'm making when I have 90 freakin' RL days on my main. I know it sounds like elitism but as far as the game goes, the more experienced you are, the more you probably WANT to bot exp, and the less I mind you doing it. (Just don't do it with noobs)
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Postby Branthur » Mon Jul 14, 2003 7:33 pm

*disclaimer* I hate doing xp */disclaimer*

OK, let me put it this way (all from a cleric's pov)...

I've seen an experienced player cast full heals on people just because they hadn't healed them in a while, not because they were hurt.

I've seen experienced players not grasp the idea of rolling vits.

These experienced players were not playing their main characters..they were playing alts.

Botting is bad...I know xp sucks, I hate doin it too, but you don't learn how to play your alt by plugging in a few triggers that your buddy sent to ya. You learn it by playing it through the levels. Xp sucks, but dying in a zone because someone doesn't know their job sucks more...that's my opinion anyway.

Now not saying that some of the ideas here are bad..trophy, xp zones, eq zones xp, etc...but botting certainly doesn't help anything. It doesn't help the newbies, and it doesn't help the experienced players either.

My opinion anyway....flame away.

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