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Postby Zrax » Fri Apr 26, 2002 5:52 pm

Ill just continue attacking you Teyaha if its all the same with everyone.

Constructive posts are overrated, I see how you have come to the same conclusion.
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Postby belleshel » Fri Apr 26, 2002 6:17 pm

I always had a perception that evils were a fun, tight, interesting group, it would be fun to head over that way someday....Thanks for shattering that illusion. Apparently the clueless/noobs have gravitated to the evil side this wipe.

It's pretty simple, if your the slowest kid on the playground don't play tag, if your going to play tag anyway, don't cry because your always it.
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Postby Todrael » Fri Apr 26, 2002 6:41 pm

A very vocal minority does not dictate the actions of the majority, in a social environment such as this one.

-Todrael Azz'miala, Ravager
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Postby Gort » Fri Apr 26, 2002 7:02 pm

Love the post Bell, also yours Tod.

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Postby Blung » Fri Apr 26, 2002 7:41 pm

Well Belleshel, Evils used to be a tight group from the start of S3 to about 1 year later. Every Evil decked out alike. At the time, we were comparing ourselve to our counterpart - The goodies. You guys have 4 or 5 decked out, we have about 15 to 20 with almost if not the same EQ. Then come the migration of new Evils out of the closest. Hi, it's me Ch... from last wipe blab blab blab... People that jump on the band wagon and want to cash in (Yup just like the dot com market). Eventually he or she didn't get what they wanted, they bitch, whine, moan. Some of us got sick of it and move on to retirement.

Blung take no prisoner.
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Postby moritheil » Fri Apr 26, 2002 8:10 pm

many were ebil for mercenary purposes.
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Postby nubug » Sat Apr 27, 2002 7:52 am

i cant resist, thank god i said 'probably won't respond'

this particular evil doesn't have a single alt, goodie or otherwise. i have been an evil for years. and a goodie(s) past wipes. as far as this "influx of goodies becoming evils" well, not only is that irrelevent but also not true

a good number of the "15-20" have goodie alts. i can name them. and guess where their handed-out eq is going. rather their eq that wasn't passed down.

i remembered the other thing i was going to say... this isn't just tia Mr. Leader Sir this is first run clouds, scorps, clouds again, and multiple multi-zone runs.

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Postby nubug » Sat Apr 27, 2002 7:53 am

a very vocal dominant and well eq'd majority.. bah nm

speak and be banned from groups
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Postby Gyrx » Sat Apr 27, 2002 9:26 am

Kinda Long

I would like to address several points. Nothing I say is aggressive in nature, i.e. try not to take these as flames. BTW, I agree with Todrael and Yssilk and the like posts.

1. Ilshad - I don't know you at all, I've only heard things. On the erlan note, as Jegzed and Caz said, it's entirely up to the person(s) who did the quest and hunted for the rares. Whenever I find a rare and form a group (or help others form a group who found the rare), I specifically say something to the effect of "help me get myself xx item?" If I need the item, I take it. If they have a problem with it, they don't consent and I ask others.

It's just how "evils" do things. If the person who found the rare needs the item, don't expect them to dice it. Albiet(sp?) there are certain situations where this doesn't apply, but that is the exception not the rule. In fact the only leader that I follow that dices regularly is Sok. Most people learn this within their first couple zones. It's never really said over gsay what the method is because we already know (and if they're new and don't know they are normally told over tells). Zones like Tiamat are an exception.

Personally, I hate it when everything is diced 100%. I prefer to be given an item based on how well I performed, not only then but in the past as well. Pretty much what Corth said. Does this mean I don't follow Sok? No. The only time I don't is when I have to log off or am already busy. I just won't play a goodie because I've -heard- that's how the vast majority of splits are done.

If people don't like the handout system in general, then they won't like post zones as an evil. If they feel they get consistantly passed over due to the handout system, then they either gut it out like Rachaz did or communicate with the leader according to Todrael's post on zoning.

2. Nubug - I don't know what goes on in tells between you and the leaders, so what I'm going to say comes with the lack of that knowledge.

I do feel you've been passed over, much like Icenacir was. I was passed over for quite awhile as well. But I did feel that in a couple more zones things would start turning your way, and quite heavily at that. Leaders are busy keeping track of many many things, and I don't blame them for forgetting about someone who didn't get eq a couple times. I've been on both sides of this experience. Sometimes it just takes a couple reminders in tells, and most of the time the leader appreciates it.

I don't think you're a whiner, I always enjoyed zoning with you. I really felt bad having to decide who to give that item to between you and Azenilsee, but the longer a split takes the worse they generally turn. I look forward to zoning with you, and giving you an item within the next few times I zone with you.

3. Caz - I know you feel you've been slighted, but I've been meaning to say a couple things. First off, Todrael said a lot of it so I'm not going to waste your time and mine by retyping all of it. Please don't take these as flames.

I'd prefer it if when you said you've been doing "xx for 6 months" if you'd say "I've done cc 15 times in the past 6 months and have no diamondine." I could have searched smoke once in the past 2-3 months for kassinak, and still be able to say I've been searching for him for the past 2-3 months. Instead I say "I've searched for kassinak on 85%+ of the boots in the past 2-3 months." Personally I feel it provides the reader who is unfamiliar with what's going on a much more accurate account of how things are truly unraveling(sp?).

To be honest, from what -I've- experienced, those people that have their alts with nice eq get that eq in groups where no one else needs the item. That's because they zone with that set group of people 10-20x more often then those "2nd class citizens." To me, that's fair. If I do a zone 30x and you were there only twice, I'll have pretty high hopes of getting that item over you (note: I don't do this, this is an EXAMPLE).

It's not about how long (i.e. 3 months) you've been doing something, it's about how many times you've done something in that time period. I don't know how this applies to you personally, Caz, I'm just pointing out something that I feel is very important.

4. Me - Do I have a pretty spanky set of eq? Sure I do, but it's only about 50-60% done. To some people what I just said may appear to be greedy or elitest, but then again you won't be one of the people that I regularly zone with, and you won't understand how "we" do things. So I don't really care.

I zone a ton, I consistantly do a kick ass job, and I always, always fuck up when least expected. I don't really ever cause a spank, I generally prevent really nasty ones. I've declined the best item in the zone that I really wanted because I want the split to be easier on the leader. I advise newbie zoners in the group what to do in the most friendly way that I can so that I don't make them feel pressured at all. I'm there day in and day out for my friends when they need me. Etc, etc, etc.

This is how I've gotten the equipment that I have. Not because I've done well in one zone. This is the same case for 90% of the other CC, OD, and other people that I group with. We're not some elistist bunch of ass holes who want to put you down. We're a family. We mud together, we discuss real life issues together, we cry together.

This is how "we" do things, and this is how "we" like it. When "we" don't like it, "we" change it.

I apologize for any grammar, sentence, redundency, whatever errors, it's 5:30am and I'm verry very tired, but I felt that this needed to be posted.

This next comment is not directed towards Nubug or Caz, it is merely a general statement I make on behalf of my friends and myself.

If all you're going to do is bitch, piss, and moan about how you feel you've been f*#ked over again and again and you don't like how we do things..then do us all a favor and F*#KING LEAVE.

sleep well
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peACe oUt

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Postby kiryan » Sat Apr 27, 2002 11:03 am

>Then come the migration of new Evils out of the closest. Hi, it's me Ch... from last wipe blab blab blab... People that jump on the band wagon and want to cash in (Yup just like the dot com market). Eventually he or she didn't get what they wanted, they bitch, whine, moan. Some of us got sick of it and move on to retirement.

hey blung, you moved on before i showed up, but when i did come to play, who evil was like 10 during prime time maybe half over 40. so as far as coming when it was easy ill give you some, but it was not easy and a lot of us werent here to cash in.

you spin it that way, ill spin it this way.

all the beginning wipe evils stopped playing pre-august then bunch of new evils started playing and all the early wipe evils came back en masse after there were consistently a few high level evils on and cashed in on the new ones with all their i was here since day 1 crap. not to mention all the trash talking evil > goodies came back too. there were at least 2 months when zoning as an evil was just about impossible, and many of us were out begging for people to come play.

But i guess you sum it up well. us new evils will never be as good as the other evils because were only cashing in after you all did the hard work. we're just people to use when you dont have enough old schoolers to fill the group. at least thats how it seems sometimes.

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Postby Karikhan » Mon Apr 29, 2002 4:37 am

very very well put gyrx!!!!


-yo baby's momma (ROFL)

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Postby Guest » Mon Apr 29, 2002 6:35 pm

Disregard, wrong thread.

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