How did you meet your best MUD friends?

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How did you meet your best MUD friends?

Postby Gormal » Fri Feb 23, 2001 5:44 am

Aside from those you know in real life how did you actually come across your better friends on the MUD?

I remember ragorn hating me at first cause i was a few levels higher and was soloing the ant farm quest while he was forming a group to do it every wipe and couldn't ever get it:P

Met a few people, like archung and fylne, on toril by asking them a stat or help with something and been friends ever since! Image
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Postby Fezbozz » Fri Feb 23, 2001 7:48 am

I don't have many real good friends from the mud but one really sticks out. I was pretty new to the mud it was called toril back then and me and crukk played goodies. He was a cleric named Anriy and I was a barbarian warrior named Thulgar. We did everything together, well tried anyway hehe. If ya know Crukk you can guess we died a lot. Well Crukk met this monk named Jorta and I grouped with them and I ask him who is this. Crukk sayd he's this coll guy I met and the rest is history. I still email him and stay in touch. Sent pictures of our kids and families to each other the whole works. The crazy monk Jorta we try to help us with our hairbrained schemes to get this eq or that and die right with us he was a perfect fit for us. Then we had another one join us almost as crazy named Venlarin. How many times Ven and I died trying to do passengers in HP. We at one point where all playing dwarves and almost had a clan put together but we kinda got discouaged with the whole thing and gave it up. Some of you may remember us running around Waterdeep as the Mithrilforge gang. I lost touch with most of em but if you guys are around get a hold of me Tredgar and Danus Ironhammer.
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Postby Enduil/Raroth » Fri Feb 23, 2001 7:49 am

Hehe Gormal, I know Fylne RL, he's cool...
I met many friends over the mud that I have as RL friends now, Fylne, Kyos, Kyag, Dem, and a few more, ok mostly basternae players, but still... Image

Umm yeah, I met isidora back on basternae, she's a really sweet girl from canada Image

Hmm, hmm... did I meet any cool dudes on duris... no! Ok, with a few exceptions, but most of the evil players are scum :P Elaerion/Cyron is really really kind though, and Nimbus seems to be a cool dude...

Anyhow, would be fun to level up on sojourn, dunno if I got the time... hehe, all my friends are talking about "the good old days" back on toril... :P
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Postby Thengil » Fri Feb 23, 2001 9:30 am

I met Enth back in beta days, when he was a warrior called Daikatana. I had just been inducted into the Mailed Fist by Massaki (who was the first person I saw coming out of the paladin's guild for the first time. It was pretty cool, he just grouped me and we ran down to the goblin king and promptly got killed Image talk about a crash course in soj mudding Image )

Daikatana/Enth was leading a HUGE group of Fist weenies in southern WD, never once complaining about our incompetence. And damn, we WERE incompetent in the very sense of the word...

Through Enth and Massaki I then met the rest of the wonderful guys in the Fist - Kron, Grippen, Valari, Duncan, Malacar, Arthorn, Maxtor, Mithil, Raiwen, Mikayla... and others whose names I've forgotten. Image
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Postby Ragorn » Fri Feb 23, 2001 7:54 pm

Nod that's how I met Kildran.

Drannic was just some invoker around my level that I grouped with a few times.. by the 3rd or 4th time we grouped, we were screaming insults at each other at the top of our lungs between mobs and generally causing a racket. That's how I know my friends are keepers, when they can think of something more creative than "Did you know that in Swahili, a Drannic is the tube they use to adminsister enemas to hippos?"

Vandic I don't really remember meeting.. I know he just grouped with me and kildran and drannic a bit, and I just got in the habit of calling on him to tank for me when we did exp.

- Ragorn
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Postby Treladian » Fri Feb 23, 2001 8:45 pm

I can't even remember some of the people I've met just cause it's been so long and they've since stopped playing. A few stick out in my mind though.

Back on Toril, I had been playing a grey elf ranger on and off after my thief had gotten deleted for idle. Trying to solo stuff with elven ranger hit points was tough to say the least. No one else of similar level on EM was ever on when I was. One day, I somehow bump into a half elf druid named Esharia that was one of Cralya/Allaria's alts. With her help, I once again completed the ritual of getting to level 20 and I finally could get to the mainland. Once I did that, she gave me some spare gear that wasn't anything special but was better than most of the stuff available from EM. We never really grouped much on Toril after that, mainly just chatted though we did do some stuff together when she rolled up a warrior. Things were different on Sojourn 2 though and I had a chance to follow her when she led a few zones and met some more people that way.

The other one that sticks out is Naymand/Aberanth/Derghad/probably a few others I don't even know about. After I got off the mainland in Toril, I had been directed to the Black Griffon Road for exp. So I wound up wandering around, killing a few mobs close to my level when Naymand bumps into me and asks if I want to group. Seeing as how my cure seriouses aren't the best healing and he could tank much better than me, it worked out quite well. We grouped to do exp almost every night for a while with various other people joining in at various times. I haven't seen around since Toril shut down to make way for Sojourn 2 though . . .

I've got a number of other good mud friends, but I can't really remember how I met them or their stories aren't quite so interesting and I don't want to fill up that much space with repeated "grouped for a while, had fun, started grouping a lot more" paragraphs =p
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Postby Jenera » Fri Feb 23, 2001 9:23 pm

Well, if you guys have read my stories..
I met Korin in podville one day when I had Jenera the palydork
He was playing his alt, can't remember the name...anyway, he helped me kill some farmers before i remembered that they were neutral alignment and I was losing exp instead of gaining
He convinced me to reroll as an invoker which im glad he did because Jennie the psycho voker was born *muahaha* *ahem*
We got close and i ended up "marrying" him
The ardor of our friendship has cooled somewhat since we have found significant others and we occasionally talk but nothing serious anymore Image

I met Krymon while i was leading (well..more like getting people killed) a small group of us newbies smacking cards and the occasional single guard. He popped in and started tossing a few cure crits and things to us and stuck around to chat with me after the group broke up. He led me to TF where i met Nandra/Vlana, Tramok, and Lithel for the first time. They gave me stuff and started to plevel me and i got to know them well.
I'm still close with Tramok and Krymon and i miss Vlana for she seems to have disappeared Image

I met Tovar way back in 93 or so
He played a paladin right along side me and I cant remember his char name for the life of me :P
We talk on the phone and email each other frequently and hes been my longest kept mud friend and hes such a sweetheart Image

There are others whom i call friends and some i call acquaintances..i was never hesitant of doing stupid and silly things to get introductions and groups started and to meet people Image
But those were my closest Image
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Postby Bibbe » Sat Feb 24, 2001 12:38 pm

Enduil you would never know the supercool people from the southern parts of sweden if it weren't for mud either...
Oh hmm that wouldn't include me i guess since my bro lives there, but than again, i am not supercool =)

Mudding actually builds up a social life in a way. Even if it's hmm in an unsocial way. I never been so unsocial as i was during the toril addiction. Man had a few argues with girlfriends even. In "rl" mudding fucks up your social life, except with thoose other who muds. In a way it builds up a personal enjoyment too, but in the end i think that blows. But hell....I will prolly go back to mudding again.
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Postby Grev » Sat Feb 24, 2001 10:00 pm

i met my best friends on the mud when trying to lead guilds with them...leading with other people is really unifying hehe.

btw raroth Image thanks! yeah a lot of durians are assholes, but they are all softies once you get to know them! the good players are awesome people, but the shitty ones are often just losers trying to score things they didnt work for Image
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Postby Ulnd » Sat Feb 24, 2001 10:52 pm

Just hanging out, bored as hell. Late enough for so that only infomercials are on T.V. Bordem can cause people to do funny things. Funny enough to strike up a conversation with this old barbarian even Image. I suppose that meeting people is inevitable when you need as many CR's as I did. Let me think, that big white buffalo. The king in moonshae. I seem to remember a Hydra once or twice. The list goes on and on Image. It'll be good to play again and meet some more people.

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Postby Gormal » Sun Feb 25, 2001 2:50 am

To quote one of my newer MUD friends...

"Grev is fat. Enjoy!"
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Postby Ushug/Moltok » Wed Feb 28, 2001 4:18 am

Some of my best Toril friends I met in strange ways. For instance, Duard. I met Duard originally in an HP group, we did GCD(Glowing Crimson Dagger)and all the other stuff eqwise. I won the bid for GCD, but being a nice guy, and seeing how he looked(kinda left out)I offered to lead it next boot. He scoffed, since he was level 42 at the time, and I was 28. True to my word, next boot I led it, with him in group, I did it with less people and no deaths. I claimed the GCD for him, and he followed me around for a short time afterwards, without noticing it, I started checking who specifically for him when I logged on, and dodging groups to exp/zone with him. Another good friend was Kajib. I met him because on a previous incarnation of Toril, I was playing Moltok Silentwolf as my primary, rather than Ushug Smash Stuff, as has become my favorite. Anyways, I was trying to get into Pride of the Sabertooth, and after wipe, he became the leader. We grouped quite often, and I think we developed an addiction to eachother's wit and skill. When I switched over to evil, he came with me, creating a Drow Cleric because that was what I needed to be able to exp really well. Some others were Merrsharth and Ssysslisk, as well as the Crukkmeister. All 3 I originally met by being destitute. Through one bad turn or another, I was gettin' the business end of the sword from just about everything, and was unable to get my eq back multiple times. They saved my ass and ever since then, I've been the one to follow them around, in a way. I believe we look on eachother as equals nowadays, seeing as they send me tells for exp/groups as often as I send them to them...or did...Waelos, Nilan, Ragorn, Arastorin, Brog, Tagad, Ilshad, and many others I consider friends I met due to common interests, we all were needing the same thing, exp/companionship/entertainment/etc. Nowadays, anywhere I see them, I instantly say hi, and they always remember's nice. I'm looking forward to seeing you all again soon. Vokkie, best be ready to rumble, we're gonna be powering our way up this time ya hear?
Anyone I missed, please do not feel offended, but drop me a line.
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Ushug Smash Stuff/Moltok Silentwolf
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Postby Jhorr » Wed Feb 28, 2001 5:12 am

Remember this scenario as a newbie? Dead on Astral, don't know the zone, 1.5 hours gone by, CR totally disorganized, leader of the group that got you spanked has to log, etc...

And then:

Dizahk tells you "consent".

I'm thinking "Who's Dizahk? He wasn't even in our group."

So I consent and then like 10 seconds later:

Dizahk tells you "corpse at 3w".

Thanks Diz if you read this, hope your friend's father pulled through ...
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Postby Zhadow » Sat Mar 10, 2001 9:12 am

I was a newbie paladin on my way to ss when i bump to this barbie warrior named Grimlak ... he hand me a 2h mithril broad sword ... after that we meet again in ss i believed and he mistaken me to be one of his old friends ... after that we end up hanging together ... with Vazzgo ... at S2 ... ... There are a lot of people (chars) i've meet in s2 ... even though i don't know them personaly ... they've become part of my life in S2 ... to everyone i've grouped with, i've help, that help me ... hope to see you all again in S3 ... Meredin, Lawin, Zrshu, Utga and (i forgot the name of my level 40+ Ogre shaman) power of unity Image

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