Best CR class?

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Best CR class?

Postby Wobb » Wed Mar 07, 2001 8:23 pm

I was just curious, what people thought the best Corpse Retrieval class was. I've heard arguments for thieves because of sneak-drag, etc...

Of course, its always going to depend on where you die, but lets pretend the person doing your CR was IN your group and died as well, and therefore have to do it naked. I pose a question...pretend you died in brass, and need a cr...what class is gonna pull it off?

My answer: Cleric. Plane-shift, heals, word of recall, vigs.

What do you all think?

(Vurad was a member of the Naked Jot(tm) group and ever since promotes naked zoning.)
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Postby Jegzed » Wed Mar 07, 2001 8:35 pm

I'd say enchater, cause of stoneskin, blink, teleport, pwb and gate Image
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Postby Tilandal » Wed Mar 07, 2001 9:00 pm

I think it has to be shamen, They get 2 pets, stone, heal and word or recall so they can get there, loot quickly and word back.
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Postby Ilshadrial » Wed Mar 07, 2001 9:08 pm

Druids are the best CR(s) silly rabbits...

CRed Mplor and gang in Troll palace

A guildy who walked into the lame surface drow town...

Called shape shift cat, innate sneak, drag drag...

Or drop teleportation potions, shape change; have someone give you potions, in the case of the troll palace CR...

Shape Change, enter Ghore, quaf potions until in palace, moonwell....
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Postby izarek » Wed Mar 07, 2001 9:33 pm

Don't think anyone can argue against druids. End of thread.

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Postby Gindipple » Thu Mar 08, 2001 12:37 am

Would depend on the circumstances, warrior good enuf for most CR's. But for best all around I'd probably say Shaman.

My 2 cents
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Postby Zhadow » Sat Mar 10, 2001 10:34 am

It has to be Druid ... oppps correction druid with a moonwell Image
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Postby moritheil » Mon Mar 12, 2001 5:21 am

Dru-ID! Dru-ID!

My midlevel ass solo cr'd level 49's on occasion. Image *Rar* Imagine how much better it'd have been if I actually got well...

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