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Postby Nepenthia » Fri May 03, 2002 4:14 am

One of the true bards has passed beyond our world. I'm deeply saddened to hear of Kobei's death and join the rest of you in sending my heartfelt condolences to his wife and children.

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Postby Nilan » Fri May 03, 2002 6:26 am


I am sorry for your loss. Kobei was a great friend to me. I feel his loss in a special way. I spoke to him before his death. I want you to know he touched my heart in so many ways. He and I would chat almost every day. *smile* We'd roleplay and talk of old times. Remember when you, me, Kobei, and Shaera did WD elites. That was a fun memory I have and will always have. He touched so many of us, and he helped me in many ways I'm sure he didnt even know Image

I wanted to share with you, and with him , cause i know hes watching us Image my feelings.

Narrisse made this possible for me because, well Waterdeep kinda wasnt pleased with me being a Drow assassin and all. Narrisse helped deliver this tribute to Kobei.

Thank you Narrisse Image

A Huge Garden Path

Carved of the finest stone, this statue is intricately created by a master mason. It depicts a half-elf sitting on a stone,
placidly strumming a lyre, humming to
himself. The entire statue emanates a solemn feeling, a feeling of loss and longing. That feeling quickly gives way to a feeling of joy of times gone by and the love that this wonderful person gave and received.

This is a small tribute to one of the fallen members of the Sojourn family.
Kobei contributed positively in every way possible and will be remembered and
missed. We are all considered blessed by being touched by him even in this small way.
-The Gods of Sojourn.

< 659h/659H 203p/203P 78v/163V >
<P:std> l paper
There is something written upon it:

My Dear Friend....

Words can not express the sorrow in my heart. We shared so much togther throughout our journeys here. We shared laughter, joy, pain, and sorrow.
You were there for me , always. You didnt care about the colour of my skin.
You didnt care about the path i chose to walk. You didnt care that I was branded a traitor to the goodly races. All you cared about was the friendship that we shared, the fun we had, and the adventures we enjoyed togther.

I remember , fighting side by side you , my dear friend. I remember your healing song. If I close my eyes, I hear it still. I know I'll never forget your kind words, your smile, your willingness to lend a hand....when others simply looked and walked away. You are an honor to your people, Kobei. You are a blessing to all whos lives you touched. You are courageous, just, and fair.

But most of all.....

You are my friend. And I will never forget the times we shared. I shall treasure our last conversation we had togther, a day before your passing. I still hear those words you spoke, they echo in my mind now, as well as my heart.

"Walk proud my Drow friend...til we meet under the shadows of the night"

You spoke those words to me and I smiled. I told you I can not wait to see
you again, Bard of Waterdeep Image

Though we might never cross paths upon these realms again...there is a far
greater realm we are destined to walk. You walk it before me, my dear friend.

And we shall meet under shadows of angles wings, one day.

My dear friend....

I shall see you again.

On angels wings , Kobei. On angles wings....

Nilan Image

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Friend of Kobei Image
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Postby Vigis » Mon May 06, 2002 6:48 am

After taking a long break from mudding I came back tonight to be shown a statue of Kobei. I must thank the Sojourn III adminstration for taking the time and caring enough to recognize him in such a way.

I am glad that the statue stands as a reminder to us veterans and as a legend to those new players that will make Sojourn their home in the future.

Kobei was my favorite "rock star" and I liked him greatly. I send out my condolences to his wife and children. He was a great friend (though I never met him) and he had an impact on my life that is somewhat astounding considering he and I had never met face to face.

We will all miss you Kobei. Thank you.

Vigis Wolverinefang.
Kerg Draesalian
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Postby Kerg Draesalian » Tue May 07, 2002 1:46 pm


You will always be remembered in our songs.

Kerg Draesalian,
A Fellow Bard
Iaiken Toransier
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Postby Iaiken Toransier » Wed May 08, 2002 1:18 pm

It is truely a tragedy for anyone to die, moreso when it is someone you are just getting to know. I wish I had spent more time to know him in his entirety, who he was away from the MUD, but that can only be from stories now, with little joy to share.

To his family, I offer my sincrerest condolences and gratitude for the time he hath spent with me.

Iaiken, Paladin of Torm.
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Postby Yarthra » Wed May 08, 2002 2:40 pm

omg. I haven't been on much lately. Haven't been able to keep up with the bbs much either, but to find this Image
Kobei will be greatly missed by Nokar and myself.
Tas, our deepest sympathies and condolences to you and the kids.

Becky & Ty
"Yarthra & Nokar"
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Postby Nokar » Wed May 08, 2002 8:22 pm

Well... I have no words. This is one of few times I have been speechless. Kobei, I will truly miss you. I hope that when I pass on you will be there to greet me and ease my sorry with your heart and song. Though it may not be for a while due to stubborness. I, like everyone else, will see you there. I just hope we can have the same good times as we did in this life. Though I have not mudded for a while it will still not be the same. I could damn near always count on seeing you sitting at the fountain singing. No one else could ever take your place. Tas, know and remember if you need anything get ahold of Me or Yar ro have Rho get ahold of me.

You will be missed brother!
I and the clan Salute you!!

I am the only one who can make the words "Ummm, guys?" strike fear into any group.
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Postby Daz » Sat May 11, 2002 2:35 am

This is gonna be hard for me to write, but I want to say it. I am not religous, I don't believe in much of anything. Maybe I am a product of my environment, I don't care.

I don't know if Kobei is in a "Better Place." What place could be better than among such friends and family as he has had? I do hope that Kobei has given us all something to think about, and I feel sorry for any who did not get to know him. Kobei made me, and I think everyone he met, feel like they were special, such was the amount of caring he posessed. It has taken me some time to read this thread, and I write now with tears in my eyes.

I believe in fate, and I think that Kobei has
given us a gift, and I hope we can all see it. I ramble now, but that's ok.

Safe travels, brother, wherever you go.


In the Great Cat's silence we walk,
In its speed, we strike,
In its strength,
we find victory,
In its Pride, we return,

Postby Guest » Sun May 12, 2002 8:50 am

I want to thank everyone who responded to this thread. I knew Kobei was a very special person and reading what everyone wrote about him really was awesome.

Thank you for sharing.

Rhoquinn Shadowhawk, Ice Magus of Clearwater
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Postby moritheil » Sun May 12, 2002 3:09 pm

We owe you thanks as well, for notifying us.
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Postby Kajib » Sat Jun 15, 2002 10:49 am

I'm seriously crying right now....I knew Kobei from way back. We hardly ever grouped, but he always had friendly words for me. He was a great guy, as everybody already knows...we always shared a hug whenever we ran across each other, and I wish I would have gotten to know him better.
I havent played for months, I've been way too busy irl. It's been a really hard year for me...a few weeks ago, I lost one of my good friends, whom I've known since gradeschool, to cancer. And then today I came home from school for the summer and hear of blows me away.
Something like this really makes you think....we all take each other for granted. We all believe that everyone will be there tomorrow, so if we end a day on a bad note, we will always be able to make it up. But the truth is, you never know when someone will be ripped from your life. I suppose the thing I am hoping everyone, including myself, will learn from end each day on a good note, end each conversation with a hug...let people know you love them...because you never know which time will be the last...

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Postby Aldira » Mon Jun 24, 2002 3:26 am

< 397h/397H 65p/383P 121v/121V >
< >
You draw on your magical energy to continue singing!
You finish a verse of the song of travel.
As your voice lifts in a sweet rendition of an ancient bardic verse, the nearby air
erupts with myriad echoes. A beautiful voice rises above the din, singing along
in a lilting rhythm. In the distance, a ghostly half-elven form bows its head.

< 397h/397H 58p/383P 121v/121V >
< >
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Postby Karikhan » Mon Jun 24, 2002 5:00 am

o god i just got shivers! i was wondering if anything like that was being put in ...

that is beautiful Image

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Postby Eza » Mon Jun 24, 2002 5:56 am

*agree Ambar*

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1 Year.....

Postby Kajib » Wed Apr 30, 2003 10:14 am

I am about to go to bed, and for some reason, remembered that about a year ago we all lost a dear friend. I tried to post this message earlier, but apparently it did not work. A year ago, I am not sure to what day, but about this time, we all lost Kobei....probably the most well known bard ever to roam the lands of Toril. I will miss him sorely, and think about him often, and even go so far as to tell people who know nothing of the mud...about how good of a person he was. I thought that I would renew this post to remind us all of what a great person Kobei was...I will be leaving another tribute at his statue 2w.
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Postby Musi » Sat May 03, 2003 4:11 pm

This is really sad, but ironic.

For some reason, I decided to start a bard on April 30th, thinking nothing of it. Today, I was bored while trying to raise my align, so I came back to the website to try to find out more about bards, did a search, and found this posting.

I kinda got to know Kobei. He never had a bad thing to say about anyone, always talked lovingly about his wife and kids, and was just a really great guy. He always encouraged me when I was just a tiny cleric. I found out he played football at WVU years ago, which is cool, since I'm a mountaineer ;)

:cry: I hadn't realized it's been a year already. I'm sorry I didn't write this sooner, or got to know him better. When I was researching all the songs I could eventually sing, and got to the Song of Travel, I started crying (like I'm doing now). If you want to hear a song that kinda describes Kobei, listen to Queen's "No one but you". So appropriate.

Ok, going to end this. The goblin king is calling.

Postby Guest » Tue May 06, 2003 9:31 pm

Heya Kobei, we still miss you ...

(edited) See E's post below.
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Postby Daz » Tue May 06, 2003 11:39 pm

kobei, you always been my boy - but if you are watching, tell the guy who donated my quest hammer to give the gift that keeps giving - alcohol!
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Postby Eilistraee » Wed May 07, 2003 5:00 am

I have spent this anniversary at Kobei's statue, watching with pleasure and sadness the generosity of the players here. Have a look.

A Huge Garden Path
Room size: Large (L:62 ft W:25 ft H:500 ft)
Exits: -E -W
A sheet of silk lies crumpled nearby.
A scrap of paper lies here on the ground. (magic)
A glowing stick of faerie wood is here, nestled among the fires embers. (magic) (illuminating)
A small earthen orb lies discarded here. (magic)
A swirling orb of elemental fire blazes here. (magic)
A swirling orb of elemental air drifts here. (magic)
A small, metallic disk glitters in the sun.
An oak leaf lies here. (magic)
A battered flagon rests here.
A glowing scepter is tucked away here. (magic)
A shining holy symbol lies on the ground here. (magic) (illuminating)
A ring of delicate flowers lies on the ground here.
[2] A curved horn made of ivory lays here.
A wineskin full lies here. (magic)
A long, silky, silver fox tail lies here on the ground. (illuminating)
A belt of rakin lies here.
A small figurine of a warrior lies here.
A sliver of gold in the shape of a semi circle lies here.
[2] A puff pastry lies here, rotting in the sun.
A small game hen roasted to perfection waits to be eaten.
A small blue flower lies here. (magic)
A honeydew melon rolls in the dirt here.
A mystery-flavored Dumm-Dumm lollipop has been carefully hidden here.
A platinum lantern lies here. (magic) (illuminating)
A small piece of candy lies here.
the holy avenger is here (magic) (illuminating)
Someone left a yummy looking pastry here.
a small bowl lies discarded here.
A glass of zzar lies here.
A gold locket has been dropped here.
A finely crafted lyre sits here. (magic)
A small black tin lies here.
A bottle of expensive wine lies here.
A black hardwood staff lies here. (magic)
[2] A colorful pinwheel lies on the ground here.
[2] A wreath of entwined roses lies here in the grass.
a deep red rose lays discarded here.
A bottle of ale lies here.
A small cactus blooms with a tiny yellow flower
An enormous warhammer has been left here. (magic) (glowing)
A cookie has been left here.
[2] A wooden top spins on the ground here.
[2] A scrap of paper lies here on the ground. (magic)
Crisp and sweet, this delicate treat was made just for you.
A small, sweet cookie, just right for someone very special, waits here for you.
Crisp and sweet, this delicate treat was made just for you.
A small, sweet cookie, just right for someone very special, waits here for you.
[2] A dozen cookies have been dropped here.
A beautifully designed boquet of flowers has been placed at the feet of Kobei's statue.
[2] A tiny buttercup flower lies here.
A ring of Bloodstone Knighthood is lying here.
A pice of steamed cod covered with a green sauce lies here.
A little, golden pixie wand lies here nearly unnoticed. (magic)
A tiny silver disc lies here.
A ivory blade lies discarded here. (magic)
[3] A bottle of firebreather has been left here.
A exquisite gem lies here. (magic)
A carved metal flask lies on the ground.
[3] A mug of ale sits on a nearby table.
A broach of carved ivory is sittying here.
A grape-shaped golden earring lies on the ground here.
Some long forgotten incense lies here.
A half-eaten sandwich lies here growing moldy.
A small wax candle lies here.
[3] A bright, orange azalea lies here, freshly picked from the garden. (magic)
A ring of love is lying here.
[2] A tasty raspberry lies here.
A length of rope lies here.
A bright green pillow lies against the wall.
[2] A gooseberry pie is here piping hot and ready to eat.
A small diamond ring is lying here. (illuminating)
A disgustingly cute little muffin is lying here.
[2] A package of sweet-looking candy is discretely hidden here.
[2] A rose petal lies here.
A bottle of Killian's Red has been left here.
A beautiful white gown lies on the ground here.
[6] A pretty daisy lies here along your way.
[3] A small delicate desert flower lies here.
A shimmering sheet of ice slowly melts away.
A sheet of paper lies here
A pile of flowers lies in a heap on the ground.
A small alabaster statue of a half-elf strumming a lyre is here.

exa ice
There is something written upon it:

Our dreams and memories seem so thin at times,
But times like these, we see the unity
The connection between strangers
The recognition of ourself in so many others.

Kobei, you are a catalyst.
You've brought us together through your glorious spirit.

Thank you.

As Birile's voice lifts in sweet rendition of an ancient bardic verse, the nearby air erupts with myriad echoes. A beautiful voice rises above the din, singing along in a lilting rhythm. In the distance, a ghostly half-elven bard nods his head.

Peaceful travels Kobei. You are missed, and loved still.

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