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Counter Strike

Postby Mishre » Sat Aug 24, 2002 7:42 pm

Hey.. I know quite a few of you play CS occasionally.. anyone have a server they want ppl from soj to play on? we can all be [soj3]

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Postby Kallinar » Sat Aug 24, 2002 9:35 pm

My brother was really big into counterstrike but for some reason I could never get it to run on my computer. I have no clue why. I ran half-life just fine on my system. I was quite pissed about it all in all.

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Postby Tilandal » Sat Aug 24, 2002 9:45 pm

Sounds like fun. Its been a while sicne ive played but im game. If anyone has a server they could volenteer we could even have a good vs evil match.


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Postby Kyos » Sun Aug 25, 2002 11:57 am

Blech... cs sucks dirt compared to AA (AmericasArmy) which is also free.

Good opportunity for you USA patriots to pick up a m4a1 and go nail some talibans. (They have turbans! And afghan music on their radio :P)

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Postby Rausrh » Mon Aug 26, 2002 2:02 pm

I highly reccomend Day of Defeat half-life mod. Its a squad level WWII combat mod. There seems to be fewer 12 year olds ruining the gameplay than with other online games.

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