I really really really wanna play!

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Galok Icewolf
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I really really really wanna play!

Postby Galok Icewolf » Sat Feb 10, 2001 1:12 pm

This is torture. It really is. :P I'm experiencing withdraws without having played. Need someone to run and get you coffee? I can do that if it'll help soj3 open sooner. I'm checking the board 3-4 times a day and it only changes twice a day. Arggh, this is pathetic. Get a grip! Okay pretty please super coders, the sooner the better. Image

P.s. I know this won't help get anything done faster but I needa vent, its all stuffing up!
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Postby namatoki » Sat Feb 10, 2001 4:21 pm

Heh, heh... Me too!!! I sooooo badly want to play too. Galok, we need to both get someone some coffee and lots and lots of sugar!

BTW, where's Shevarash's promise for an update? Image

C'mon, Shev, give us an update! Image

Sorry, we are just anxious to get lost in Soj 3...
Zuurn Shatter Skull
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Postby Zuurn Shatter Skull » Sat Feb 10, 2001 5:02 pm

I am going insane as well, I check these forums at least 5-6 times per day, have read every single post and really WANA PLAY!! Urggg.

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Postby Gormal » Tue Feb 13, 2001 9:37 pm

We have to put up with Galok again?
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Postby Harthorm » Tue Feb 13, 2001 9:42 pm

To quote Blizzard, Bioware, Shiny, and pretty much any other developer out there: "It'll be done when it's done".

Waiting sucks, eh? I wouldn't mind seeing a news page update, though.


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