Enchanting? Hardly!

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Enchanting? Hardly!

Postby Alistra » Mon Apr 30, 2001 1:51 pm

I've been appealed to by many Enchanters who were good last wipe (1, maybe
2 if I include Jegzed, but he neither asked me, nor was he good Image ) to
make some sort of appeal to the imms about the latest tweaks to the class.
They seem to think since I've got a big mouth people listen (what idiots!)

But I'm giving it a shot, as there seems to be a LARGE lacking of
Enchantering followig now.

The latest Tweaks:
As were explained to me by Malacar this is Dragon Scale and Stone Skin as
Blocks either all or nothing, depending on the treshhold of damage the
spell can take.
If threshhold is passed, spell fails totally.
Spells take X amount of hits. Hits include dodges,parry, shieldblock,
misses, and ripostes.

Seemingly, the spell was near godly in any eyes (Any mob could be done with
an enchanter providing these protections, tooo many mobs were not even
approached without). But now it's as useful as a squid dominating a tree.
Here are my suggestions to sort of, Tweak the Tweak

Raise threshold of damage for dragon scales.
Raise # of hits taken by both spells.
Remove dodge/parry/etc. as counting as hits.

There are other things that will need to be discussed as the imms see fit,
but I wanted to put it on this forum because, a. you're loyal followers of
a seemingly quiet and corrupt egroup Image and b. cuz I can't post on the
BBS Image Something to keep in mind though: goodies ran brass with the new
tweaks. Every mob except one went through dscale in 1 hit. Meaning, the
damage dealt by the blow reached and passed the damage protection provided
by the spell.

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Postby cherzra » Mon Apr 30, 2001 2:42 pm

Though it wasn't in the news I heard from an enchanter that it was fixed. Stoneskin at least, no idea on scales.
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Postby Jegzed » Mon Apr 30, 2001 3:19 pm

Stoneskin worked fine today when I tested and the enchanters I spoke to said it had been tweaked good.

/Jegzed, drow enchanter and stuff.
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Postby Malacar » Mon Apr 30, 2001 3:25 pm


Supposedly stone got upped in number of hits it can take.. Scales too. I haven't been around all weekend, so haven't logged on to test this. I'll try to log on a couple nights this week to test. I have a lot of work though, since I am on vacation next week, and my boss is piling stuff on my desk.

The 'threshold', as explained, is true, however I have since found out that it's a percentage chance to punch through, based on how far above the 'threshold' it is. Thus, the higher a hit, the more chance it has to go through. In my experience, every hit above the threshold has gone through, but they know the code better than I, so I believe them.

Personally, I think the enchanter class is mundane at this point. It's lacking neat things. Most, if not all, of their spells, are rehash. Nothing really new, except now, for blacklight burst, enervate, fumble, and stumble. Honestly, I don't see many of these getting used in groups. The resist rate is too high, they are in poor circles, and require too many to be memmed to get it to stick. Blacklight is(or was, not sure if it changed over the weekend) invocation. Not enchantment. Same with Constriction.

We need spells changed and moved around. I've sent in many suggestions(most are from a conglomerate), and gotten nil feedback. I can only assume our ideas sucked, though I don't know for sure without feedback, negative or positive. Honestly, there's not much appeal left to enchanters. I really don't even see the need for new spells, as most have decided not to play them in beta now. We've also requested a sitdown with the headup of the spellcasters, and heard naught. It's not our mud, so we took it in stride, but with beta a week away, and no responses evident, you can only suggest so much before getting discouraged. I know you're busy, but something needs to be talked about here.

I've been labeled a whiner. A complainer. A dork. Whatever. I'm just concerned that a mud geared heavily on the requirement of an enchanter, will stagnate with none-too-many enchanters around this time. It's discouraging to see it, and discouraging to know that things will be delayed waiting for the couple of enchanters to level up.

Take this as a whine, but it's merely meant to point out certain facts, as I see it. We, who have played enchanters since their insertion to the mud, feel that our say has not been heard, and that other folks, tank types and whatnot, have had more of a say in the class than ourselves. A little feedback to us, or an ear at some point for 5 minutes, would be great. We'd just like to be heard, even if little or nothing comes of it, then we know we've been heard, and can do what we need to do without confusion.

Hope most of this made sense. I love this mud, and I think the imms are doing a wonderful job. Don't let anything in this post take away from that. Hope it's viewed constructively rather than complainingly.

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Postby Uthgar » Mon Apr 30, 2001 8:28 pm

Let me some up the changes we have made to enchanters:

Ray of enfeeblement moved to 3rd circle.

Added the following spells:
blacklight burst
stumble (hoses agi, can mean change of 50+ ac)
fumble (hoses dex, reduced hitroll)
enervate (hoses con, reduced maxhp)

I know those last 3 don't seem that intriguing to Malacar, but if you use them in tandem with other spells and skills which force mobs to save against dex, agi, or con they make a HUGE difference. Also, if the spell fails too much, try bringing along a shaman to fix em for ya.

50% bonus on all damage exp
(not gonna get your damage spells moved to spec ench, but this will at least make you get good exp for em).

Blur fixed so it actually improves ac.

AC generally more meaningful, making armor, faerie fire, blur, pwb and other similar ac-interacting spells more useful.

stoneskin/dragonscales carefully tweaked to resist larger hits than ever before. I know it was a little low earlier, but it has since been moved up a bit.

Bonus for SV_PETRI on stoneskin/dragonscales upped (along with the general upping).

There is also talk of adding one more 10th circle spell, but I don't have details as Shev was working on it.

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Postby Malacar » Tue May 01, 2001 1:07 am

I'm not gonna complain. You guys have done a great job and don't need a dolt like me crying foul. I made my suggestions, and emailed them in to Miax, and I stand by them.

Thank you for the new spells, and for the tweaks. I appreciate them a lot.

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