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Postby Sartorix » Fri Apr 27, 2001 3:39 pm

I think this was a thread on the Soj2 board, but I'd like to reinstate it. Being of the musical persuasion, certain zones remind me of certain songs or musical pieces, just as when things in real life happen, music plays in my head.
What zones remind you of music? a few of my examples are

Fire Plane - Fuel by Metallica
Any zone lead by Ragorn - Dead Bodies Everywhere by Korn

See? That sort of thing. Anyway, time for class.. which reminds me of another song by Color Me Dead called I'm gonna die.

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Postby Ellyriel » Fri Apr 27, 2001 5:14 pm

It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't get the most annoying songs stuck in my head! Like when I was trying to get some levels with a newbie warrior on EM...
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Postby Wobb » Fri Apr 27, 2001 7:59 pm

I went to college for music education. They didn't want me to be a music teacher because they (school administrators) didn't see (or hear) the value of having a music appreciation lesson based on Van Halen's "Eruption".

Oh well...too bad for them.

My introit has a purpose, it's to say that my musical tastes are VERY broad, having everything from Mozart to Staind in my music collection. So here's a few of my favorites for zoning:

Entrance to Skerttd Gul, or any place with "docks". "Suggestions" by System of a Down.

Nizari. "The Ubiquitos Mr. Lovegrove" by Dead Can Dance (trust me...go buy the "into the labyrinth CD", stand at the gates to nizari and hit track 2) also good on that cd for any pre-fight is "Yulunga" (spirit dance)

Brass. I put in Metallica for brass, some kind of habit. Doesn't seem to matter which CD. Static X with their industrial sound is also good for brass.

Jotunheim: Soundgarden. If its invasion, has to be Mozart's requiem. I also liked Mozart's requiem when doing Duergar camp as a Goodie.

Other music I rotate in:
Slipknot<- highly recommend if you fighting a lot...really makes it fun
Tool...anywhere..anytime..tool is my favorite band right now.
Sevendust, I always like to play "Bitch" when doing female rares in Jot, bruunhilde etc...
Korn, staind, beethoven (especially opus 13), Iron Maiden (good to play when reboot and all the twinks are running to zones for eq "ruuuuun tooooo theeee hills!" hehe, Alice in chains.

Oh and of course, Rob Zombie when doing undeads.

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Postby Lilareow » Sat Apr 28, 2001 3:01 pm

Im a big metallica fan, but ill throw some other junk in too:
Astral plane: Metallica, "The call of Ktulu"
Icecrag castle: Led Zepplin, "Stairway to heaven"
Jotenheim: Metallica, "To live is to die"
Fireplane: Metallica "King Nothing"
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Postby Malacar » Sat Apr 28, 2001 4:45 pm

I have over 700 mp3s in my library... I just set it to random and go Image

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Postby agreiver » Sat Apr 28, 2001 10:19 pm

954 and counting...
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Postby cherzra » Sun Apr 29, 2001 9:12 am

2387 and counting Image Each and every one hand picked, not a single sucky song there! MP3 is the best thing that ever happened to music lovers Image
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Postby Rahl » Mon Apr 30, 2001 3:02 pm

I've got around 400+ mp3's on my computer, I would have alot more but I can't seem to find most of the stuff I am looking for on Napster anymore so I don't download as much anymore. I do like Metallica, Korn, Slipknot, Static X, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Rob Zombie, and alot more but I'm at school and can't think at the moment. Image

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Postby Galkar » Mon Apr 30, 2001 3:19 pm

When I mud, I usually listen something really upbeat, rap or heavy metal. The only place that I have to play a particular music is EM, and that's usually Enya.

I have 1743 songs, all hand picked as well. Napster, however, has found a way to restrict searches. I was looking for some eminem, dr. dre, uncle cracker, limp bizkit, and some other stuff, and they are no longer available. You can still download Billy Joel however!!!!!

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Postby cherzra » Mon Apr 30, 2001 4:21 pm

Heh. No restrictions for me either - I think the bands I listen would be the very last thing they ban: Dark Funeral, Triumphator, Marduk, Darkthrone, just to name a few.
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Postby nar007 » Tue May 01, 2001 2:34 am

with paul oakenfold u only need a few. since the mp3s are 120 minutes+
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Postby Alistra » Fri May 04, 2001 5:19 pm

You could mud for a week and never have to listen to anything but Paul Oakenfold, or DJ Dean *nodme* though I do love Tool, NiN, Korn, just about any classical stuff, and some R&B ... 789 mp3s and counting, about 10% full albums (mostly techno you can't find for sale anywhere)... as far as the Napster banned stuff - all you have to do is look for alternate spellings, etc. Korn is sometimes Corn or Korne, Elvis is Elvise ...

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