Necro questions

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Necro questions

Postby Uzziel » Thu Jun 28, 2001 10:45 pm

never played a necro before and ive heard that ya need to be sertain levels to raise yer undeads.. not just that you have the spell circle.. also was curious what the best area to specialize at 20 would be..
any other good to know stuff about necros would also be apreciated.
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Postby namatoki » Fri Jun 29, 2001 7:18 am

You would probably be best off specializing in necromancy since you *are* a necromancer.

For more info, check this link:
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Postby Kiloppile » Fri Jun 29, 2001 7:45 am

Spec Necromancy... virtually all your damage spells use it... and raising pets supposedly is affected by it.

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