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Postby thrankon » Mon Nov 05, 2001 5:40 am

Any news information etc on elementalits?
just curious.. still
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Postby Yayaril » Mon Nov 05, 2001 6:09 am

Yes, this just in:

-Elementalists are going in this week.
Spell lists:

1st Circle: Plank's constant harassment, Heisenberg's uncertain missile, conjure hydrogen element, ventriloquate

2nd Circle: plum pudding blast, conjure boron element, valence electron cloud

3rd Circle: conjure sulphur element, specific heat metal, missile shield

4th Circle: Plank's mole madness, conjure argon element, bigby's plastic goggles

5th Circle: Limiting reagent, conjure lead element, 10 molar acid blast

6th Circle: endure mindless labs, bluebook blast, conjure zenon element

7th Circle: inert gas cloud, molecular configuration: tetrahedral, conjure plutonium element

8th Circle: molecular configuration: octohedral, 20 molar acid blast, conjure einsteinium element

9th Circle: molecular configuration: dodecahedral, conjure Uranium element, Bore's sublimation storm

10th Circle: conjure Francium element, power word: headache, Heisenberg's quark strike

More information to be announced in the future.

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Postby Malacar » Mon Nov 05, 2001 8:50 am

Don't forget!

Garlic Breath weapon innate!
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Postby Ragorn » Mon Nov 05, 2001 8:55 am

Yaya, you lunch me out.

- Ragorn
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Postby Frensolith » Mon Nov 05, 2001 10:54 am

Seems someone is enjoying general Chem?
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Postby rylan » Mon Nov 05, 2001 12:57 pm

lol yaya :P

So is there a spell combo in there.. casting ventriloquate and plum pudding blast..

A plum pudding says 'Eat Me!' as is blasts you in the face!
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Postby Yayaril » Mon Nov 05, 2001 2:25 pm

Actually, Elementalists get ventriloquate so as to distract the professor whilst they cheat on the test. For instance, an elementalist could ventriloquate an erlenmyer flask and have it challenge the professor to discover its contents and osmotic pressure.

Plum pudding blast
Spellcast theoretical
Area of Effect: target
Duration: depends on caster skill
Upon summoning forth the might of Neils Bores, the caster points his fingers at his intended target, assaulting them with a high speed barrage of plums and sticky pudding. The plums explode on impact, dealing theoretical atom construction damage. The pudding holds the plums together until they can be delivered to your foe, and once there, spatters into a sickening mess. Your foe may become slowed or paralyzed as their mind is forced to analyze the history of the way people thought atoms were constructed.

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Postby Grungar » Mon Nov 05, 2001 2:49 pm

WHAT!? They're not implementing the trigonal planar, trigonal pyramidal, and trigonal bipyramidal configurations? Elementalists are gonna suck! They're not gonna be balanced! They're going to be underpowered! And where's my summon cyclohexane ring? They completely neglected the organic side of the elements! Oh, that reminds me... I have an organic exam in two hours. I should go study.

- Grungar "c 'summon tertiary carbocation' self" Forgefire
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Postby ssar » Tue Nov 06, 2001 1:18 am

"10th Circle: power word: headache"

ROFL - I love it!


Area of effect: <Toril Space-Time Continuum>
Aggressive: Yes
Cumulative: Yes
Duration: Dependent on proficiency of caster
Class/Circle: Elementalist 10th
Type of spell: Generic

This spell causes nauseating headches in all victims affected, can last for many many days across all areas of the realms, with the amount determined by the spellcaster's

The headache can be removed by luring the caster to thier death in sly and gratifying methods, or in some cases by use of the "#gag" zmud command and/or "ignore" game command.

It is rumored that this spell has other strange effects, that even the
most powerful protection magic is incapable of absorbing more than a small amount of it's power, and that copious amounts of strong ale can ease the pain.

In some rare cases, certain races/classes can be born with the Power Word Headache innate skill.

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Postby Gort » Wed Nov 07, 2001 10:26 pm


I damn near fell out of my chair laughing, you have one twisted sense of humor.... I like that about you.

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Postby moritheil » Thu Nov 08, 2001 4:09 pm

Rutherford's Unexpected Deflection
Spellcast Experimental
Area of Effect: room
Duration: as stoneskin, lasts a variable number of attacks or until someone says 'huh?' and stops to figure it out.

This spell utilizes some quasielemental power to cause unexpected deflections of attacks. The source of this power is unknown; oracular and divination magic repeatedly yield the nonsense word 'nucleus'. While this spell is active in a room, any 15 inch artillery shell fired at a piece of tissue paper will automatically rebound, leaving the aggressor stunned for 1d3 rounds while he or she attempts to figure out how the unexpected event took place.
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Postby Ragorn » Thu Nov 08, 2001 6:12 pm


Area of effect: Target
Aggressive: No
Cumulative: No
Duration: 1 hour per level
Class/Circle: Elementalist 10th
Type of Spell: Enchantment

Thermonucleonic attractification enhances the sub-nucleonic forces between molecular manifestations by interpolarizating their ionicular bond structure quotients. The resulting increase in the Davidian Hypercoefficient lends to an increased quasispicular intermingling of the plasmatic terminal faults of the target.

Effect: Target gets +1 hit.

- Ragorn
Wants to be teh funnie too.

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