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Name those stats!

Postby Mikar » Wed Feb 28, 2001 11:36 pm

Thruar's post on what were your stats / equipment at your peak of Sojourn mudding got me thinking about what equipment I was wearing on Mikar before the pwipe of Toril.

I think my stats were as follows:

695/695 base hit points
95 base strength
98 base con
86 base agility
68 base dex

+20 hit +54 dam

I think my equipment was as follows, but I don't have any logs to verify specifically. . .

iron crown of the fire giant warlords
a black eyepatch emblazoned /w lightning bolts
a flaming earring
a flaming earring
a mask of suffering
a molten lava pendant
a molten lava pendant
a suit of ancient green dragonscale armor
a shimmering cloak of dragonscales
a black-leather ammo belt
a belt of steel fangs
a set of grey-green bracers
a writhing bracelet of noxious fumes
a writhing bracelet of noxious fumes
a pair of spider gauntlets
a black longsword of destruction
a gold white gemstone ring
a gold white gemstone ring
a pair of mithril-mesh leggings
a pair of ice bear boots

carried in dragon-gut bag:
the mystical boots of volo the traveler
a belt encrusted with black sapphires
a Shaggy Fur cloak of the Kostc
a pair of griffons wings
(2) an amethyst ring
(8) mistweave(s)
(6) giantslayer(s)
(56) iron ration(s)
(86) steel grey potion(s)

Anybody have any <look> Mikar logs?

And anyone care to stat all the equipment above?

Do I really want to attempt to get all that equipment back? Erfie!


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