Different Mage Classes Spell Damage Potential

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Different Mage Classes Spell Damage Potential

Postby Surol » Wed Mar 22, 2006 7:04 pm

I have in the past played the Sorcerer and Conjurer classes on Duris or Toril (can't remember) and just recently created a new Elementalist character on Toril. I have not been very impressed with the damage my 1st Circle damage spell (earth darts) has been doing.

I remember with previous characters being more impressed with Chill Touch and Magic Missle but of course this is only 1st Circle and am still motivated to continue leveling and looking forward to Conjur Elemental spells, which I believe start 3rd Circle.

My question though for anyone who maybe has played both the Elementalist and Invoker or is farmilar with both clases is this. Does the Invoker have better damage spells at every Circle or does the Elementalist have comparable spells until higher circles when instead of the Conjuring Elemental spells the Invoker gets a spankier damage spell.

So is Earth Darts the exact same as Magic Missile but just a different name to make it more Elementally correct?
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Postby Zafle » Thu Mar 23, 2006 12:58 am

Short answer no invokers will always out do other caster classes in damage (mainly by taking down huge rooms full of mobs)

Long answer

Elementalists (jack of all trades) are one of the best solo classes that you will come across in the mud, as they have alot of middle damage spells at high levels (Earth stones, whirlwind, earthblood, lava burst) , plus some protection spells (stone skine, Fireshield, elemental embodyments) and PETS (conjure elemental and summon elemental kin).

The Invoker (pure damage, very little defense) on the other hand is pure damage and at the top end they are able to deal more damage to all the mobs in a room then any other class, a rogue could deal more to a single target but if you have a room of 10 mobs to clear then you should bring an invoker.

Enchanter (mostly defense, little offense) the enchanter is a warriors best friend with the ability to globe, haste, blur, stone skin and at high levels dragonscale a player. Even though the elementalist gets stone skin they will never have the defense that an enchanter will have.

The Illusionist (Support Class) great defense (for themselves, Mirror image, (for everyone displace), change self, misslead, nondetect, sequester) good but selective offense (phantasmal tendrils, nightmare, phantasmal killer, shadechill) Small pets (summon shade)

Jobs in a zone group

Invoker (area damage hard and fast)

Elementalist (pets, backup stone, silence, elemental embodyments, damage)

Illusionist (displace, spook (stun to stop casting), nightmare (room stun to stop casting), damage)

Encahnter (buff warriors, constrict (stun to stop casting), power words, damage)
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Postby Disoputlip » Thu Mar 23, 2006 4:46 pm

Magic missile and earth dart (and a few other spells) are the same spell, but from different schools of magic. This means that while you notch spellcast elemental from it, then a shaman will notch spellcast spirit for casting totem dart.

Invokers begins to have a lot more offense around level 11 where they get the spell minute meteors. (spell stops failing on level 16).

On level 11 elementalists can begin to summon your first pet and therefore begin to solo things. On level 21 elementalists get their real pets.

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