Grey Elfs, and are they really they great?

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Grey Elfs, and are they really they great?

Postby watashi420 » Sat May 09, 2009 6:54 pm

I just recently came back, and it seems that Grey Elfs got a buff that made them the king sh*t of every class exept Illus (i dunno why, just what i heard)

I was wondering, is this true? They get a higher armor bonus from agil. Okay, I get that, I was just wondering , as I came back, and my inv is a gnome, are grey elfes better invokers? just bc of agil, or a faster memtime? Im just a little in the dark.

Also, any tips about lvling as a inv now would be greatly appreciated. I have been reading all the guides, but they are really old now, and some spells aren't even list (as I assume they had been added since.)

Sofar I'm lvl 28 and in SM, killing stuff. I had been recomended to blind mobs with my blazing beam, and then kill them. Any other suggestions? I had been killing dockhands with my illuminating items in a bag so the room was dark, and they were blind. This tactic was VERY helpful, Are there any suggestions for mobs besides commoners im SM that i should work on?

I was also not aware the minute meteors was the best damage output for my lvl (i had just assumed the higher lvl spell would do more damage) so I've been using them now, when does a new spell do more damage?

I have also been trying to figure out some of the quests in SM. I'm not really asking to be led through, I was just wondering if there were any with rewards pertainent to an inv I should keep my eye peeled for?

Thanks for any advice anyone can give, and MORE IMPORTANTLY, THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO HAS HELPED ME SOFAR, all the gear and ideas, and xp have been invaluable. THANK YOU AGAIN

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Re: Grey Elfs, and are they really they great?

Postby Thilindel » Sun May 10, 2009 5:12 am

Elves haven't changed at all. Gnomes get 1 freaking point under elves with 130 agi, so I'd rather have the 50 hps more. As a result, my gnome is welcomed to Sojourn considerably less often in zoning. Fifty hps does make a difference well as gnome is harder to bash. Depends what you're lookin for in a class, like warrior instead of cleric or what not.
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Re: Grey Elfs, and are they really they great?

Postby Disoputlip » Sun May 10, 2009 9:55 am

I agree; For invokers the choice between gnome and elf isn't very important.

My advice is you find someone to group with and assist and do damage. Best classes to look for will be: warrior, elementalist, shaman. But others will work aswell I guess.

As you proceed to the higher levels never assume the higher spell is the better. You need to try them out.

I myself have a human invoker. And I would most likely not roll that again, but I prefer to be evil alignment.

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