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auction idea - Knockout Bid

Postby Guw » Sun Aug 31, 2003 7:27 pm

(apologies Azuth)

Guw da silly troll woke up at 5:30am this Sunday morning to check on the progress of a bid he had in at da BG auctionhouse, dat was to finish at 6am. (YOU try explaining to the wife that you are setting the alarm for 5:30am Sunday morning to 'make a bid' ! Troll wives can hit hard at dat time of da morning :)

Ok so I'm sitting there at the auction house reading the forums, problems with sniping etc, and a thought slowly crossed Guw's mind..

Why not make it so that you can make a 'Knockout bid' where:

Knockout bid = 10 * currently listed item price

If you make a Knockout Bid you get the item then and there, buyer is happy since he prolly got an order of magnitude more than he asked. Other buyers aren't annoyed because the person wanted the item bad and payed thru the #$% for it.

This is similar to the 'Buy now' option on Ebay except buyer initiated.

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